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Customized Badges

Customized Badges Are Always Popular

Customized badges are small and colorful. They are worn by many people in bags, backpacks, jackets, shirts, hats, and more. Badges can for everyone. Using a pin to fix badges to a garment is not a new way. For many years, people adorned themselves with shells, gems, and metal. As technology develops, is it easy and cheap to produce badges in high volume in any form? It is great as customized badges are everywhere and becoming more and more popular.

Customized badges are more than jewelry

Customization can communicate many things instead of only aesthetic appeal. Metal badges show support and signify membership. The badge is an achievement or a recognition of service. Customized badges express themselves in unique ways. People can show their sense of humor with badges or display their feelings. People can show their interests or hobbies. A custom badge is a way to communicate with people around you. As the size of badges is small, it is a great thing to wear more than other things.

Who are customized badges for?

Artists and Entrepreneurs

Customized badges have massive appeal to artists and people who have an entrepreneurial spirit. It is a great item for artists to display ideas and spread creative joy. Custom badges are also a cheap item to spread brand awareness and let your fans show loyalty to your craft.


Small size – You can carry a wide variety of designs without occupying much space. As the size of badges is small and lightweight, shipping cost is reduced in materials and postage.

Inexpensive – The more you order, the less you will spend. Badges are significantly cheap if the quantity increases in the production run.

Variety – Here at Morning Craft, we have a wide range of ways to bring your design to life. For example, stamped metal, 3D relief, soft enamel, and hard enamel.


Initial investment – The initial cost is a limiting factor. As you may want to have man-0y designs at your shop, you need to have a way to finance your venture. Offering pre-orders or having crowd-funded designs is a way to alleviate initial costs.

Variety – As the option is limitless, you have to make hard decisions on which design you will go forward with.

Business and organizations

Over the last couple of decades, customized badges are very popular. A metal badge is attractive and durable and can be worn every day. For organizations that need more complex shapes, badges are the perfect solution. For business, custom badges can be used to boost morale and recognize excellence. You can use badges to promote your brand or company to the world. Adding your brand or company logo onto badges to give away to visitors at events or trade shows.

Why Morning Craft?

Are you ready to design your customized badges, custom tie clip, custom race medals no minimum, or other gifts? It is time to decide what kind of badges you want to create. Here at Morning Craft, we offer many options to choose from. Below is the summary of each type we offer:

Custom Badges

`1. Die-struck badges

2. Badges with hard or soft enamel color fill

3. Polished with matte boulevard series badges

4. Raised metal with epoxy badges

4. Antiqued custom die-struck badges

5. Full-color graphic die-cut custom badges

6. 3D custom-shaped badges

Die Struck Customized badges

Die-struck customized badges are the most economical option to begin. They are in a 100% customized shaped metal with soft enamel color fills. Here at Morning Craft, we are able to fill enamel to match Pantone color. It is our most popular choice with its combination of quality and value.

Customized badges with hard or soft enamel color fill

Customized badges with hard or soft enamel color fills have a clean and refined look. When we create badges with durable hard enamel the color fill is flush with the metal. These badges are high quality with a solid brass base plated with genuine gold, silver, or copper.

Soft enamel

The color enamel is added to the color areas and then kiln-fired to cure the enamel. The color rests below the raised metal.

Hard enamel

The process is similar but enamel is refilled in layers until the enamel and metal are level enough they can polish into a smooth and flush surface.

Polished with matte boulevard series customized badges

Polished with matte boulevard series customized badges that have sharp detail and beautiful contrasting relief with high polish raised areas and recessed areas. They have a textured matte finish. These badges are available in brass bases with plating options that include silver, gold, and copper. Hard enamel colors can be added if you need an accent color.

Raised metal with epoxy customized badges

These badges have the same custom-shaped metal base with metal plating. They get the same soft enamel color fills and then finished with a layer of clear epoxy. The epoxy offers a rich saturated appearance and serves as a protective layer. They can be 100% customized and match your Pantone color need.

Antiqued custom die-struck badges

Antiqued custom die-struck badges offer crisp and sharp detail. The raised areas are shades brighter. The recessed areas have a darker antique appearance. They have a clean and distinctive elegant look. These badges are available in metal plating which includes brass, genuine gold, silver, and copper.

Full-color graphic die-cut custom badges

Full-color graphic die-cut metal badges custom allow any design, photograph, and logo to be recreated. Here at Morning Craft, we can produce them with a stainless steel border or the graphic can go edge to edge. They can be made in any custom shape. A protective layer of epoxy can be added. When you need a full-color graphic, they are the clear and perfect option.

3D custom-shaped badges

3D custom-shaped badges offer multiple levels of relief and the ability to create beveled, radiused, and curved features. These badges are available in various sizes and plating. They are simply fantastic ways to replicate animals, architecture, miniature products, and logos in three dimensions.

Get started creating customized badges

It is time to design your customized badges. Once you have your design, just send us your file and we can begin the process to create your customized badges or other gifts such as custom made keychains, customized dog tag necklace with pictures, etc.