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How to Create A Customized Coin?

It can be easy to create a customized challenge coin. Here at Morning Craft, you don’t need to know how to use design programs to create design because our team of craftsmen could help. Today, we will guide you on how to create a customized coin step by step.

1, Why do you need to create a customized challenge coin?

Customized challenge coins could be offered for a variety of purposes. Normally, customized challenge coins are given to lower ranks which have less personalization. Customized coins are given to supervisors. By thinking about why you need to create a customized challenge coin, you can decide the type of challenge coins you want and how customized you want them to be.

2, Choose a Customized Coin style

The appearance of your customized coins is one of the first important decisions. The style of your customized coins will affect your design.

Soft enamel challenge coins

Soft enamel challenge coins are the most common style. The raised metal separates the enamel paint in the recessed areas which offer a textured finish.

Hard enamel challenge Customized coin

Hard enamel challenge coins are similar to soft enamel challenge coins. But the enamel and the recessed areas of the coins are made flush with each other which offers a smooth finish.

Die-struck challenge coins

There is no enamel paint on die-struck challenge coins. Die-struck challenge coins have raised and recessed area. Die-struck challenge coins are attractive. The raised areas are polished and the recessed areas have a sandblasted finish.

3, Choose the plating on Your Customized Coin

Plating is a layer of metal on the outside of the coin. Here at Morning Craft, we offer many different plating options, not only for coins, but also for custom made keychains, custom tie clips, bulk bottle openers, and metal badges custom. The type of plating impact how your customized gifts look.

Polished plating

Polished plating is reflective and shiny. Here at Morning Craft, we have polished plating in gold, brass, copper, silver, nickel, gum metal, nickel, and more.

Antique plating

Antique plating is not reflective. Antique plating has a darker finish in the recessed areas which offers an eye-catching level of contrast. Here at Morning Craft, we offer antique plating in gold, copper, brass, nickel, silver, and more, and there are no minimum orders even for the custom race medals no minimum.

Two-tone plating

If you want your customized coins to have a unique look or if you don’t know how to choose between two platings, we provide two-tone plating which means two different platings can be used on a challenge coin.

4, Consider the edge design of your customized coins

Here at Morning craft, we have different edge designs for your customized coins. For example, rope, chain, spur, bevel, standard flat, scallop, crosscut, oblique line, and customized edges.

5, Finalize your customized challenge coin design

When you have decided your the purpose, style, and plating of your customized challenge coin, you can finalize your design. If you have a design of your customized coins no matter it is a full graphic image or your company logo, just submit your files to our sales team. We will send you proof for approval before running into production. If you don’t know the design of your customized challenge coins, our team is happy to help. Our designers will work with you to offer inspiration.

6, Upgrade your customized challenge design

Here at Morning Craft, we offer customized shapes coins, 3D coins, bottle opener coins, cutout coins, epoxy protective coating, spinners, edge engraving, and more.

7, Select packaging options

Here at Morning Craft, we offer different packaging options to present your challenge coins which include PVC envelope, velvet bag, acrylic case, plastic standee, velvet box, and more.

Start creating your customized challenge coins

Here at Morning Craft, we help customers all around the world create a custom challenge coin. We can turn your ideas into real challenge coins. If you are not able to develop a concept, contact us to get an instant free quote. We will work together to create your unique custom challenge coin. Contact us today!