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Customized Badges

Design and Finish for Customized Badges

Here at Morning Craft, we can turn your idea and concept into customized badges suitable for any event, occasion or purpose. The versatility of customized badges makes them a great accessory and gift. Whether you want to use badges as a thank you, marketing or branding tool, a token of remembrance, or a wedding favor, our badge designs, techniques, and finishes will reflect your need.

Our experienced artisans at Morning Craft can print any design, image, or text onto your customized pins. And what you have to do first is to choose your ideal finish. We offer a wide range of crafting, etchings, and cutting techniques that can produce a unique finish for your badges. Today, we will talk you through a few of our popular metal badges custom techniques and finishes.

Customized button badges

Button badges are one of the most popular customized as they are cost-effective. Basic button badges have a great blank space to print the brand logo, company logo, or specific messages. They can be created with a metal safety pin of high quality. You can also use a plastic clip which is good for young children.

Button badges are a great marketing tool because of their low manufacturing cost, fast turnaround, and ability to print anything. They are commonly awarded in school and local sports meetings when cost efficiency is the most important.

Customized embroidered badges

Our modern and advanced machines at Morning Craft allow us to create embroidered badges to achieve details and accurate designs, logos, or text messages on customized embroidered badges. We can produce a superior raised texture on stitched design, and customers can choose a threaded or heat-cut border for their embroidered badges. Customers can choose plain back, iron-on back, Velcro back, adhesive back, or hard PVC back for their customized embroidered badges. They can also choose a twill background, felt background, velvet background, and faux fur background. So, the customization options for embroidered badges are limitless.

Customized glitter badges

Customized glitter badge is an eye-catching collection. You can add glitter to the customized badges to accent smaller features. If you prefer all-over glitter, the glitter can be added to the epoxy resin, covering the whole face of badges. This will create a sparkly finish. Here at Morning Craft, we can create glitter badges of metal like steel, iron, or brass with soft enamel. Charities widely use glitter badges, and international organizations, schools, and sports team because of the high-quality material and attractive glitter finish.

Customized PVC badges

Customized PVC is soft and made from PVC material. Our PVC badges at Morning Craft can be in multiple layers. They can be customized in color to match Pantone color or clear color. PVC badges are widely used by children’s charities, schools, and education organizations. PVC badges are perfect for any institution or organization.

Customized enamel badges

Here at Morning Craft, we have hard enamel badges and soft enamel badges. Each has its benefits.

Hard enamel badges are durable.

They are finessed and polished. They are usually stamped in copper, zinc alloy, or copper. Hard enamel badges are one of the most expensive options. Customized hard enamel are widely used in gifts such as custom made keychains, custom tie clips, custom race medal etc for a competition prize, personalized wedding favor, and more. They are widely used in business awards ceremonies.

Soft enamel badges are one of the cheap options.

They are designed and finished to achieve an excellent standard. If your budget is limited, soft enamel badges are an ideal option. For example, if you want to create badges for charity fundraisers.

Both hard enamel and soft enamel can take color excellently. At Morning Craft, we can create enamel badges with complicated designs, photos, and text.

Customized 3D badges

Customized 3D badges are the most complicated option. The finish of 3D badges is the most striking. They impact all circumstances. Here at Morning Craft, our crafters use complex tools and tooling methods to create 3D badges to capture all the details of the 3D design to create the highest quality 3D badges.

At Morning Craft, we can cast 3D badges in stamped copper and zinc alloy. The color can be added to capture your design and brand. 3D badges are often used as high-end market tools and branding accessories. We are the leading customized badge manufacturers in China. Whether you want to save money or have the most complex, detailed color and texture design, we can fulfill your requirements.

We do all production processes in-house. Our team will work together to produce your gifts , no matter you choose button, enamel, two-tone, or woven badges. To order your customized badges today, contact us today, we are happy to help.