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Custom Challenge Coins

Why Custom Challenge Coins Are Popular?

Challenge coins have a rich history in the military. Today, custom challenge coins are becoming more and more popular in the civilian world among EMS services, fraternal orders, and corporate culture as well. No matter whether you are looking for customized challenge coins for training commemoration, fundraising, achievement acknowledgment, promotional purposes, and more, you will find it easy to create high-quality customized challenge coins at Morning Craft.

What are customized challenge coins used for?

Besides the military, there are many ways to use custom challenge coins:

1, As awards

You can give ribbons, trophies, and medals to winners to allow them to remember their accomplishments. Customized challenge coins are something unique that stands out from the rest of their trophy room.

2, For memorials

When people have something and someone to remember, plaques and banners are good ways. But handing out a challenge coin custom made to someone deserving, they can hold the memory themselves.

3, For thank you

If someone or an organization goes above, they will be given a card to display their appreciation. It is more meaningful to give something unique that they can hold to display proudly. A challenge coin custom-made with their name is a great thing to show appreciation.

4, For Wedding

Most wedding parts involve a lot of work. To thank their respective parties, the bride and groom often give gifts to them. A custom challenge coin is an ideal thing to commemorate the culmination of their work and thank them for attending their important day.

5, For birth announcements

Every day, people are finding a new and unique way to announce that they are bringing a new life into the world. Giving a customized coin to someone who is important to this new child’ life. It announces their birth and also lasts their whole lives.

6, For Job fairs and trade shows

When companies attend job fairs and trade shows, they give unique things to try to be remembered among the packs of other similar establishments. A unique custom challenge coin may be the better way than a pen with a company name.

How customized challenge coins will be used?

If you want to distribute a customized challenge coin with high quality which reflects the significance of your rank, if you want a unique custom challenge coin that stands out among others in your position, or if you want a unique item to commemorate high-level training in your company. Our custom challenge coins with no minimum are an ideal option. Most military challenge coins have to be small and as lightweight as possible to be carried on a keychain or in a pocket. Here at Morning Craft, our custom challenge coins can be designed in a unique shape or in a large size to stand out. When you decide how your custom challenge coins will be used by those who receive them, you will feel easier to design your customized challenge coins.

Which artwork will be used?

If you have a logo, design, photo or other artwork to be used on your custom coins. It is great, make sure your design or photo are high resolutions. And send your file to your custom coins factory. Remember that you will need a design for both sides of your custom challenge coins instead of only one side. If you don’t have artwork, and you don’t know how to make both sides design, no worries as we offer design services at Morning Craft. We are a reliable custom challenge coins factory that can create a tech pack for your custom challenge coins.

Which materials are to be used?

Here at Morning Craft, our custom coins are usually made from a mixed metal base which is plated with the finish later. If you want to create your challenge coins, you have to choose what materials you will use. Do you want colorful enamel? Do you want them to be in silver, gold, brass, copper, gunmetal, or rose gold plating? Do you want a shiny, antique, or brushed finish? Here at Morning Craft, we will guide you step by step so you can have a good idea of what you choose might look like on the end custom challenge coins.

How much do customized challenge coins cost?

The most important thing is to set a budget for your customized challenge coins based on your design, requirement, and discussion with your custom challenge coins factory. Custom challenge coins cost depends on the order quantity and the materials you choose. Usually, a customized challenge coin cost somewhere from USD$2-15 per piece.

Suppose you want to make customized challenge coins with high quality at a low cost. A 1.5” brass coin with fewer than 5 soft enamel colors and a smooth or rope-cut border is an ideal option. The main factor that affects the cost per piece is the quantity you order. Most standard custom challenge coin factories will not give you too much choice in this matter. If you want to make a small batch or a limited-edition coin, our craftsmen can help, we offer custom challenge coins with no minimum.

Choose a custom challenge coin manufacturer

Not all custom challenge coins factories can work with you on design and guide you through material choices or offer custom challenge coins at a minimum. Traditional custom challenge coin factories are not known for their flexibility. By working with Morning Craft, you can create your customized challenge coins while keeping in line with your price, quality, and service. Morning Craft is a full-scale on-demand custom challenge coins factory that helps customers all over the world to create custom coins at a competitive price and with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you want to create great custom challenge coins, contact us today.