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Top 5 Benefits of Offering Custom Medals at Your Event

If you have held an event, your participants will feel inspired when they receive medals and awards. Sometimes, people ran to raise money for charity or in memory of someone. A Custom medal is a prized possession and reminder of this achievement. It is a great way to use great custom medals to promote your event. High-quality medals are one of the most memorable factors of your event.

Here are the top 5 benefits of offering custom medals at your events.

1, Custom medals make your event stands out among others

Custom medals are one of the best marketing tools. Creating a great medal with customized-designed which are sharp and wows your participants help to establish a connection with your event and inspires them to come again to achieve more medals. For example, in the running race they took part in the last month awarded winners with a simple medal and you rewarded them at your event with a beautiful and tow-tone custom medal which they have never had before, we are sure they will want to show off your great medal and they will come back to participate your running race.

2, Custom medals increase name recognition

When participants receive your custom medals, they will be proud of their achievements and the medals they achieved. They will want to show off. Most events are social. No matter what event the participant takes part in, there are communities of swimmers, runners, and more. They will talk to each other. The more unique your custom medal, the more likely people will hear about your events and want to take part to get your custom medal as well.

3, Custom medals add professionalism

No matter whether you are organizing an event that is still in its early years or has been around for decades, offering a high-quality medal that is unique is a sense of professionalism that elevates the status of your events and impresses your participants.

4, Custom medals are collectible keepsakes

Some people like to collect great medals like coins or stamps. If your custom medals are simple and boring and like many other medals there. Those people may not make a point of taking part in your event.

5, Custom medals help to achieve media exposure and recognition

There is a great opportunity that your event will be covered in local or worldwide news across social media. If there is an award ceremony, the custom medals are sure to be highlighted. Great custom medals will get noticed. Positive feedback on your custom medals is positive feedback on your event.

How to create custom medals?

When it comes to creating medals, there is no limit. Here is the six-point guide to customize medals.

1, Stating point

Morning Craft is specialized in designing and producing medals for more than 10 years. We are proud of ourselves to offer custom medals no minimum to our customers. We enable them to design their medals utterly unique. Just let us know your specific need, budgets, and timescales at the forefront of Morning Craft’s operations. We urge our customers as creative as they like when they design their medals.

2, Get in touch

Think of your design as a serious business especially when there are many options. When you make your decision, just simply get in touch and share your ideas with us. Here at Morning Craft, we offer exceptional customized gifts service. We are committed to helping customers to create medals. We use an innovative approach and the incredible skill of our in-house design team.

3, Design

Here at Morning Craft, we are ready to guide customers throughout the whole process. Our sales team is able to offer instant free quotes and updates on your projects and orders. We are always here to answer your questions you may have. At the same time, our in-house design team will make sure your design is exactly as you want. If you are struggling with your ideas, there is no need to worry. Our design team is happy to work with you to find the ideal design without extra cost.

4, Pre-production, get design approval

Once we get your approval design, we will begin production. We understand the timescales of your event may be the determining factor no matter whether you want to ship by sea or air freight for delivery. We will discuss this in the pre-production stages to make sure you can receive your medals on time.

5. Quality

Before we ship your medals, our quality control team does a quality control check to ensure that everything you receive is what you love.

6, Delivery

Here at Morning Craft, we aim to ship your custom medals on your specified event date. Our sales team will also update you on the progress of your project or orders throughout the whole process if you want.


Here at Morning Craft, we have been working with customers to create their custom medals for years. If you don’t have time or budget for customization, we also provide a host of exclusively designed medals. These medals are ready to be engraved and can be shipped to you in a few days.

Increasing registrations and attracting sponsors may be the common gold of many events. Offering custom medals is an effective way to achieve this. Custom medals drive registrations for your event. If you want to award participants with medals at your events, contact our sales team today.