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Custom Medal

How to Order Custom Medal for Winner to Wear with Price

When people receive a blank medal without text, design, or details, they will probably feel it is a kind of an afterthought. When people receive a custom medal with high customization, they will feel honored and appreciated.

Custom medals are award-worthy if they are customized in a way that shows personalization, fits your special events, and creates with you, your stakeholder, team member, athletes, and other awardees in mind.

If you want a simple way to create custom medals and consider different ways to use them, contact us today to make your high custom medal. Moring Craft offers custom medals no minimum If you need low-volume quantities in various styles, you will need to read more.  

How to order custom medals?

If you have experience creating custom medals for your store, company team, athletic group, organization members, or honored leader, you will know you need an easy process that allows you to create your custom medals as you need them. Below is a step-by-step process when you need a customized design and manufacturing partner.

1, Choose your preferred size, size of custom medals is typically from 1 inch to 5 inches.

2, Determine if you need a single-sided or double-sided custom medal.

3, Choose your quantity for the number of custom medals.

4, Select your technique process:

Soft enamel – Shows all the details and the valleys of your custom medals.

Hard enamel – Hard enamel custom medals all feature a flat and smooth surface with a classic gleam.

Die struck – Die struck is a traditional medal type which like a raised coin

Off-set printing – Off-set printing offers photo-rich details for any artwork or picture you want to use.

5, Choose a material color and finish. Here at Morning Craft, we offer shiny gold, shiny silver, antique brass, antique gold, and more.

6, Select the number of colors you want your custom medals to feature.

7, Choose the width of your lanyard. Here at Morning Craft, we offer custom lanyards in 0.75 to 1.5 inches or anything in between.

8, Choose of length or loop type of your lanyard. Here at Morning Craft, we offer round or wide lanyards.

9, Choose to package. Here at Morning Craft, we offer packages like poly plastic bags, boxes, or velvet bags.

10, Send your design to your custom medal manufacturers.

It is an easy process to create your custom medals. You can consider some of the ways you can use to create custom medals in your store. Besides medals, Moring Craft also offers metal badges custom and other gifts.

When to use custom medals?

Custom medals are a great way to honor a wide range of individuals. Here are some of the main reasons to create custom medals.

Custom medal For athletics

  • Special Olympics medals for summer and winter sports games. For local and regional tournaments as well.
  • Junior Olympics medals for individual and team achievements on the local, regional, and national levels.
  • Athletic tournament incentives. Custom medals can be for every sport and tournament imaginable which include wrestling, amateur, professional boxing, basketball, and more.

Custom medals can be created by sports leaders and team captains for sports events and conferences with individual and team competitions like track, baseball, volleyball, and more.

custom medal For School

  • Custom medals for spelling bees to award the top-placing contestants
  • Custom medals for trivia sessions and scripture in bible bees
  • Custom medals for students council to award student recognition achievements
  • Custom medals for the band, orchestra, and choir regional, state, and national contests and more.
  • Custom medals for debate, and speech in local, regional, and state tournaments and competitions.

custom medal For small business

  • Custom medals for businesses to award sales and retreats for end-of-year performance and sales achievements.

Custom Medal For Fundraising

  • Non-profit membership which includes years of service awards and volunteer hours
  • Marathons, fun runs, and walk awards. To award both winners and participants for their apparel or gear.
  • Fundraising competitions. Custom medals with customization options help you in finalizing custom award medal orders

Where to order custom medals?

If you are looking for a way to reward your team captains, champions, debate, tournament leader, or someone who has made an achievement. Morning Craft offers custom and on-demand creator design tools for the custom medal, custom tie clip, bottle opener keychain bulk, etc. you can order your custom medals anytime in low minimum order quantities. You can choose your design option and make yourself and your employees, team member, and winner stand out.  Morning Craft is a custom medal manufacturer which enables customers to create custom medals more quickly and efficiently. If you are interested in creating custom medals in low or high volume, contact us today.