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The Uses of Customized Keychains

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Custom keychains are one of the functional and stylish accessories. If you ask us “Can you make custom keychains?” Our answer is absolutely “yes”! Morning Craft, as a professional custom keychains maker, we always provide high quality custom keychains at the reasonable price. Our services include inventory sourcing, storage, item photos and listing creation. We also handle order fulfillment, delivery, customer services for customers.


The use of customized keychain

If you want to thanks someone and don’t know how. You can thank them directly by a phone call or in-person. You can give them a gift. Do not choose just type of gift, pick a customized item instead. You can make a customized keychain with their name, initials or a special gratitude message.


A customized keychain is a small item but it is a memorable and handy. It is a versatile item which people will appreciate regardless of their status in society. There are five uses of customized keychains.


Why customized keychains?

If you wan to make a customized keychain as a gift for someone, please make sure it is memorable and incomparable. And the received will think highly of the customized keychains which they will show off. The common keychain is functional and it is not memorable and does not stand out. The receiver is happy when he receives it but he may forget about it soon. So, customized keychain is an ideal gift. A customized keychain makes a sense of ownership. The receiver fell it is rightfully theirs. Customized keychains are attractive and can draw the attentions of others. So, customized keychain is a better gift than a common keychain.


Customized keychains can be used as promotional tools

Although there are sophisticated marketing instruments, cheap personalized keychains in bulk is an ideal choice. Even customized keychains are small, they are useful and necessary. And we believe no can be avoid using keychains. Customized keychains are portable. They organize and protect different types of keys. Customized keychain with company logo, name, or slogan, they can act as promotional tools which are often used during corporate event, exhibitions, seminars, workshop and other related occasions. The receivers will be more interested in customized branded keychains than plan typical keychains.


Custom Keychains


Customized keychains can be used as special gifts to someone

If you love someone, express yourselves as frequent as possible. Also, give them a special gift to emphasize your love and affection. A customized keychain with a customized message, name or initials are more valuable than typical keychains. Customized keychains are not only functional, but also exceptional and stylish.


Customized keychains can organize and protect keys

The main role of customized keychains is to protect and organize all kinds of keys. People use different kind of keys every day. People have more one key for house or office. With different kinds of key to keep safe, keychains are necessary. A customized keychain is an ideal gift for customers, friends, relative and other people.


Customized keychains can be used to create awareness

Keychains with customized information is a good way to spread important message. Customized keychains can be in several shape, design and size. A customized keychain is easy to disburse than a brochure. A multi-tool keychain is a good way to convey a message and improve the life quality. A bottle opener keychain is also a good choice as it can hold keys or open cans and bottles. No matter you want to alert people for an sport event or a worthy cause event happening soon, customized keychains is a great way.


Customized keychains can be used to demonstrate corporate image, identity and culture

Customers and investor always want to know more about the products and services you offer. They want to understand deeply about your organization like values and culture. You can give customized keychains with customized messages which you would otherwise print them in a postcard or a thank you emails. When people get the customized keychains, they will immediate use and also spread your message for and wide. Cheap personalized keychains in bulk are inexpensive. It is a cheap way to demonstrate who you are, what you are doing and where you are going.


Styles of customized keychain

Soft enamel. At Morning Craft, soft enamel is one of our popular keychain styles. It has colored paint recessed into the metal mold. It gives keychains a dimensional look and textured feel which people love. Soft enamel keychains are an ideal option for customized keychain in simple design.

Hard enamel

Similar to soft enamel, colored paint is used to fill into a metal mold. The difference is that hard enamel is polished down to give the keychain a smooth surface.

3D keychains

3D keychains provide a depth of details with several level at multiple angles to create a 3D look and feel. 3D keychains are good for animals, objects, shapes and more. 3D customized keychains cannot feature custom colors. The color is based on the selected finishing.

Glitter enamel

Glitter enamel process is the same as soft enamel. Glitter is mixed into the paint before being poured into the mold. Glitter gives keychains a fun and sparkly look.

Glow in the dark enamel. Glow in the dark enamel process is the same as soft enamel. Glow in the dark additive is added into the paint that add an extra element of interest.



No matter you are an individual and an organization, we can create a customized keychain at Morning Craft. People cherish items which have their details. You can offer customized keychains as gifts when your loved ones are commemorating something. If you want to recognize works or customers, giving them customized keychains. The receiver will thank you and protect and retain the keychains forever. Contact us today to create your customized keychains.  

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