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Create Customized Keychains for Any Occasion

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A keychain or keyring, key tag is a small ring of chain of metal that many keys can be attached. Keychains are made in various shape, materials and sizes. Today, many companies use customized keychains as they come in effective advertising with logo that their customers carry every day.


Custom promotional keychain manufacturer

Morning Craft is a manufacturer that specialized in manufacturing, marketing, researching and developing promotional keychains and offer customized keychains for advertising and promotional marketing.


Our experienced craftsmen specialized in custom keychains with photo, acrylic keychains, metal keychains, keychain bottle opener, leather keychains, name keychains and more. Our customized keychains are well suited for a variety of events such as brand promoting, business advertising, promotional marketing, company gift, event planner and more.


Create your customized keychains

It is the time to create your customized keychains which suits your style. Just add your own flair to your customized keychain with your favorite photo, message or design. Customized keychains are the perfect gift for your friends, family or your selves to keep your favorite photos with them or you at all times. At Morning Craft, our customized keychains are ideal for any event and occasion.


Custom Keychains


Promotional Keychains

Morning Craft, as a leader customized keychains manufacturer in China, we offer various of customized promotional keychains which used in marketing and advertising. We are able to create customized keychains with acrylic, material, wood, rubber, leather and metal. We can create cheap custom keychains no minimum with or without logo,


Custom keychains with photo

Custom keychains with photo is a great idea as they are memory to stay and help promote business. Custom keychains with photo is a small and sweet gesture of others. At Morning Craft, our custom keychains with photo are made with a transparent acrylic plastic case for holding logos or photos. The transparent shell panel can be removed and insert your photo. And clip the panel back to the original position. You can insert two photos as both sides are clearly visible.


Customized metal keychains

At Morning Craft, our custom metal keychains are made of zinc alloy hardware, brass, stainless steel or iron material. As a keychain manufacturing leader, we are pound of ourselves to provide different shapes of customized design. Our customized keychains are great for gift, bag charm with clips and more.


Customized bottle opener keychains

Our custom bottle opener keychains are made of premium aluminum or titanium. Customers never worry about no idea for promotional items in craft beer events. Custom bottle opener keychains with personal design can a unique gift. At Morning Craft, we also offer marketing keychains service to support business.


Customized leather keychains

At Morning Craft, our custom leather keychains are made of high quality leather. Custom leather keychains with logo are suitable for advertising in promotional marketing. We offer customized leather keychains in bulk for promotion. At Morning Craft, we can print logo onto the leather by digital printing technologies.


Customized rubber keychains

Customized rubber keychains are shaped, printed and labeled to attract customers. Your customers will love the customized rubber keychains for keeping their membership card together key. Customized rubber keychains make your event more professional and personalized. Customized rubber keychains are a great marketing idea to promote business.


Customized lanyard keychains

Customized lanyard keychains are built for advertising project centered on objective. We, as a leading customized keychains manufacturer, we help companies promote business for a long term.


How much does it cost to make keychains?

Customized keychains cost depends on the material and quality. The cost is affected by many factors. It is important to know what materials your marketing needs. To lower the cost, you should order customized keychain in bulk and validate the design before running mass production.


How to make custom keychains?

The production processes of customized metal keychains are die casting, drilling, polishing, electroplating, coloring and assembling.


Die casting is a type of technology. When the raw material is molten into liquid, and the liquid melted by the raw material will injected into the mold by high pressure. After the mold is cooled, the mold is formed to cast a basic embryo of the item. Drilling, sand pulling and tapping belong to the drilling department. Polishing process is use a polishing machine to make the overall surface of the keychain a layer of surface luminosity and erase the micro-rough parts of the surface. Polishing makes the keychain look smooth and delicate. Electroplating, is the core of a keychain. Electroplating can be divided in to different kinds of electroplating colors on the surface. The most common color include nickel, complex, gold, silver, copper, wire drawing, pearl and more. The electroplating process can be divided into rack plating, barrel plating and more. Some keychains need to be colored. The color includes red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. The color master modulates various color according to the required colors. Modulating a color is the most basic skill which every colorist must know. Assembly is also called final assembly. Each keychain must use a key ring or a key chain.


Why promote with custom logo keychain?

Custom keychains filled promotional order. Custom keychain makes customers carry your brand logo everyday everywhere. Due to the low-cost for keychains, custom logo keychains are affordable and have practical value when using for advertising marketing.


How to order customized keychain at Morning Craft?

Just send us your requirement include idea, quantity and keychain types to begin your projects. Our craftsmen will recommend the suitable keychain type. When the quantity, style, and logo are determined, we will send you an quotation and estimated delivery date. When the payment is done, we will begin mass production and deliver. Of course, we will do 100% quality check before shipping. Contact us today!

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