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How Do You Manufacture Keychains?

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As a professional keychain maker and manufacturer, our craftsmen are able to make keychains in any shape, size or color. Today, we will answer your question of “How Do You Manufacture Keychain”? At Morning Craft, we are able to make keychain using your design ideas. To manufacture keychains, there are three steps. The first one is to send us your design ideas and sketch. The second one to determine the details which include shape, size, color and quantity. The last one is to let us produce and ship.


Custom Keychains


Customized keychains are the great promotional items for a wide range of business and organizations. They are the fun and functional items to market yourselves or events. Custom Photo Keychains in Bulk with your artwork is a great chance to connect your customers, clients and community members.  


How do we make custom logo keychains?

At Morning Craft, most of custom logo keychain are crafted by a die which is struck in to bronze. By a high pressure die, they are struck in to bronze plate with high quality which creates area which are both raised and recessed. When the plating is done, the raised area is polished by hand to make a smooth and reflective finish, The recessed areas are sandblasted or treated by an antique solution. This step will offer a true definition to you image. When it comes to creating custom logo keychains, options are endlessness. Just bring your imagination to life in a wide range of shapes, colors, dimensions and styles.


What are the best custom keychains?

Morning Craft, as a professional custom keychain manufacturer, we are pound of ourselves to producing high quality keychains. We use vibrant enamel, brilliant finishes, durable plating in gold, silver, copper and black to make custom keychains. If you are looking for the best keychain manufacturer to make custom photo keychains in bulk, you are in the right place. We promise that customers’ keychains are made to perfection.


Enamel and die cutting keychains

Just send us our logo and we will create a free art proof to show how your keychains will look. We are able to make double side image and we have many different textures can be added to the background. Our die cut keychains are made with high quality craftsmanship and colorful enameling. We have gold, silver, copper plating and a true black plating. If you want to make your logo stand out, sandblasting the background is a great option.


Custom keychains are a great promotional item which is used everyday by almost everyone. They also act as an effective marketing tooling for 0business. At Morning Craft, our engineers work hard to take customers’ idea from concept to digital proof. Our team will work closely with you to ensure what you get are exactly what you want. Our custom service is top notch and we ae sure you satisfied from the beginning to the end.


Custom logo keychains

PVC rubber is also a fun, durable option. They can be created in one-sided or double-sided and even in 3D shape. The 3D option offers unique curves, raised and recessions.


Make a design for our unique keychain

We have an access to the high quality material and equipment for custom keychains. Our experienced craftsmen will bring your ideas to life. We are excited to help customers along each and step and are pound of our customer services. We work with customers to get their ideas from their sketched to real keychains.


Die cut and cast metal keychains

3D keychains stand out when paired with an antique finish. Antique silver, gold, copper and bronze are the standard finishes used with 3D sculpting. Casting offers small cutouts and amazing logo details. At Morning Craft, there is no limitation what we can make which include items like bottle openers made with customer specifications.


Cast keychains in high volume

Casting is a great option to replicate small details. Casting keychains are made by filling a mold with the desired material. It is great for orders in high volume. It is also a great option for a more unique look which stand out among others.


Printed keychains

Printed keychains are made out of aluminum or stainless steel. They are lightweight and cost effective. Printed keychains come in a variety of textures. They are a versatile option for any vision you want.


CMYK process is a printing process that the logo is printed onto an adhesive label. This label is sitting in the key tags and secured by a powerful epoxy. It is a clean and glossy surface finish.


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