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Order Custom Emblems for Your Business

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To promote your business, you need innovation, market knowledges and the ability to make decisions which you competitors will not. At Morning Craft, as reliable metal emblems maker, we make promotional items which will make your business stand out. With our over 10 years experiences helping customers all around the world to make custom metal emblems sticker with their logo or custom design.


Custom Emblems


At Morning Craft, custom metal emblems are one of our highest quality products. Our metal emblems are made from durable materials. Our team of craftsmen are able to create metal unique to custom brand.


How to make Custom Emblems

Metal custom emblems are made from pieces of metal material in custom shapes. The metal materials are often brass or bronze. Custom metal emblems designs are made by CNC machines. Custom metal emblems are achieved by the input of custom design in to a computer. Then, the design is craved and pressed into the material. The raised and recessed areas are created, then are filled with color or details with various plating and finish. Specialized coating is applied to protect the emblems. Custom metal emblems are made to display a design or logo. They are widely used to promote or recognize a company or business. No matter you are in business of selling metal emblems for cars, or need speaker emblems. Metal emblems is the perfect way to add your company or brand logo to the products you create and use.


What are 3D Custom Metal Emblems?

3D custom metal emblems are injection molded and chrome plated ABS products. Like the metal emblems for cars or type designation signs you see everywhere. At Morning Craft, as a professional metal emblems maker, we produce premium and eye-catching 3D custom metal emblems. We make it simple and fast to create your own 3D custom metal emblems to be the high-end products.


Where are Custom Metal Emblems used?

Custom metal emblems have a wide variety of applications which are widely used in automotive industry. They are used in tooling robotics, medical, framing, transport equipment, marine and other industry. 3D custom metal emblems could offer more business branding and promotional opportunity.


How to order Custom Metal Emblems for Business?

Ordering custom metal emblems at Morning Craft is simple. Just e-mail us your artwork in AI format includes emblem size, colors and surface types. Our sales team will offer an instant quote based on your design and application type within 24 hours. We will send customers the final artwork for approval artwork before production. This help to avoid size, shape, and design mistakes. When we receive customer’s approval on the artwork, we will begin the mold. It will take around one to six days to complete the mold depending on the size and complexity of the design. When the mold is finished, we will test and measure to make sure it works properly and meets quality standards. The mold will be used in production after the product is chrome plated followed by painting and adding the correct adhesive based on the surface on the custom metal emblems is applied.


Morning Craft, as a professional metal emblems maker, we offer a simple way to create custom metal emblems. Please feel free to contact us today any time if you have any questions about your custom metal emblem projects. Our sales team to make our efficient, transparent and direct communication to move the projects forward.

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