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Custom Keychains

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Custom keychains are one of the most popular promotional items in the market. How can you make custom keychains that stand out? The answer is to create a message which is impossible to ignore. At Morning Craft, you will find a range of style, material and design options which make your custom keychains stand out. As a keychain manufacturer, we make it easy to make custom keychains in any shape, size or color. There are three easy things to get start. The first step is to send us your ideas, concept and design. The second thing is to decide the shape, quantity and size. And the last thing is to have us to produce and ship. Contact us if you are wondering how do I make my own keychain.


Custom Keychains


Custom keychains are the ideal promotional item for business. They have a fun and functional approach to market. Making custom keychains in bulk with your unique design offer an opportunity to connect your customers, clients and organization members.


When to use custom keychains?


Personal event

If you are planning a personal event like party or a wedding, custom keychains are the perfect gift to commemorate the special event. Custom keychains are a great way to keep memories alive after the event is passed. Custom keychains are also a fantastic way to commemorate a birthday, anniversary and even the death. Contact us today to order your custom keychains in bulk.


Business events

Bottle opener keychains, leather keychains, custom acrylic keychains or custom keychains with photo are a great way to advertise business. At Morning Craft, we have a wide range of custom keychain options to your business. There are all at affordable pricing.


School events

When you organize a school event, you may want to give students a memento to remember this occasion. At Morning Craft, our custom keychains can be engraved or printed with school logo or motto. Our craftsmen are able to make very unique items which will cherish forever.


What materials do we use to create Custom Keychains?  


At Morning Craft, our custom keychains are made from highly robust and durable materials. Our custom keychains can be kept for a long time to make impression.


Metal Keychains

Our custom keychains metals are durable metal and aluminum. These custom metal keychains are built to last. Our custom metal keychains can be made in different design, all can be fully customizable by engraving or printing. Our styles include bottle openers, flashlights, whistles, wristlets and more. Custom metal keychains are an ideal option to convey elegance at a personal event.


Leather Keychains

Our custom leather keychains will make an impression. Custom leather keychains can be embossed and debossed for a long-lasting finish.


Plastic Keychains

Soft or hard plastic keychains are the affordable keychains. They are ideal for trade show and client giveaways. Our plastic keychains are at low prices. They come in a range of styles which include soft key tags, LED flashlights, color straps, flexible plastic rings and more.


What imprint methods do we use to Create Custom Keychains?



Printing is an affordable method to display a logo, picture or message in full color. Printing is great for trade show, business events and giveaways. At Morning Craft, we offer quick turnaround time and high-quality finish. Our printing method can be applied on both plastic and metal keychains.


Laser engraving and debossing

If you are looking for long lasting impression, laser engraving and debossing are the ideal choice. Laser engraving and debossing are best used on custom metal and leather keychains.


Morning Craft, as a reliable custom keychains maker. We are proud of ourselves in producing high quality keychains. If you are looking the best manufacturer to order custom keychains in bulk, you are in the right place. We guarantee it. We are dedicated to ensuring our custom keychains are made to perfection. Request a quote for your custom keychains now!

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