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Keep Your Keys Together by Custom Keychains

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What are Custom Keychains?

A custom keychain is a small chain which usually made from plastic or metals. This small chain connects a small thing to a ring on which can attach keys. By gathering all keys, USB sticks and other accessories to the same keyring, all the items can be kept track at the same time. Custom keychains are the popular promotional items which business use for marketing by adding their company logo, brand logo or contact information.


Custom Keychains


How do I make my own keychain?

1. Choose a shape and style. At Morning Craft, we have a range of shapes and styles available. We are able to make from classic round to metal, double size to wrist keychain.

2. Upload your design artwork. Custom keychains with photo are the great gifts. They are a reminder of people you care about.

3. Add personal information. You can add your heartfelt message or motivational slogan on the keychains which you want.

4, Find a reliable keychains manufacturer. Morning Craft as a reliable keychain maker, we are able to create custom keychains for customers all around the world.


How much does it cost to make a keychain?

At Morning Craft, you can have your custom keychains made as low as USD$3.50 per keychain. Cost normally depends on the styles, design, size and more. We are happy to offer quantity discounts if the order volumes are high.


What are the benefits of custom keychains?

Custom keychains are almost used by everyone who has a set of keys. They are one of the most popular customized products. Every business wants to have their logo and information in clients’ pockets. Custom keychains remind their clients of the services the company provides each time they are used. Custom keychains are the ideal promotional products. You can combine your custom keychains with USB sticks for more useful giveaway.


Who will use custom keychains?

Custom keychains are widely used by everyone. Children who need a way to keep track of their school lockers’ key, young adults who want to manage all keys and access card together, they will use custom keychains. Custom keychains are also used by who frequently use keys. For example, security guards, janitors, store managers and more. At Morning Craft, we also provide customized lanyards which keep keys around your neck rather than in your pocket.


How to choose the best keychains?

At Morning Craft, our keychains come in various materials and colors. We offer many options to choose from depending on your customization requirements. We can make keychains from metal, wood or plastic which are printed with laser engraving, high quality screen print. We also make custom keychains with tech aspects, for example, phone charging adapter, power banks or USB sticks.


Morning Craft, as a reliable keychain manufacturer, we care about customer and their promotional projects. We put together a wide range of keychains for customers to customize. We offer different materials and types to choose from. We can print or engrave custom logo onto the keychain. Everything for customers to get them perfect custom keychains. We take care and give importance to the whole production process. Customer can get their custom keychains as soon as possible. Contact us today!

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