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What Are the Types of Customizable Keychains?

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If you are looking for making promotional cheap customizable keychains? You are at the right place. Morning Craft, as reliable cheap custom keychain maker, we have custom keychains for men, women, kids, and promotional key tags for people for all ages and genders. We have cute stuffed animal keychains, military look keychains, custom engraved dog tag keychains, personalized high tech key tags, cheap custom photo keychains, personalized pocket knife chains and more for your business and your clients. Our enormous types of cheap customizable keychains will take your promotional efforts to the next level.




Types of Cheap Customizable Keychains

Types of cheap customizable keychains include custom engraved keychains, custom imprinted keychains, custom laser engraved dog tag keychains, promotional LED flashlight keychains, custom multi tool keychains, key holders, and many other wholesale customized keychains, imprinted with your brand or company logo.


Custom Engraved Keychains

Custom engraved keychains are the largest promotional keychains at Morning Craft. Our wholesale metal keychains are laser engraved with customized logo or design, to create a premium promotional item which company and brand will be proud of. Custom engraved keychains are customized nature, our custom engraved keychains can come with low volume orders.


Custom Imprinted High Tech Keychains

Our custom high tech keychains are interesting. They are custom functional keychains which serve several purposes. For example, custom power bank keychains is an emergency mobile phone charger.


Custom Bottle Opener Keychains

Custom bottle opener keychains are fun and handy. They are the one of the best promotional giveaways. With the custom bottle opener keychains, users will not worry about loosing keys or be unable to open a bottle. And company logo can be added on the custom bottle opener keychains that is grateful toward you for making your life easier.


Custom LED Keychains

Our custom LED keychains are the great item to have in variety of situations. When people drop a needed thing is the car and night and have to try to feel around on the floor and under the seats to try to recover it, a custom LED keychain help them to simply point and shed light on the items and find out quickly.


Custom Dog Tag Keychains

At Morning Craft, our custom engraved dog tag keychains are the great gifts for anyone who has served in the military. They are the elegant promotional gift. Our custom engraved dog tag keychains are available with low minimum orders. Our custom laser engraved dog tag keychains are a great way to show a select few just how much they are appreciated.


Custom Novelty Keychains

Our custom novelty keychains are the promotional items which have fun.


Custom Multi Tool Keychains

Our custom multi tool keychains are the popular item. These multi tool keychains are combine with an assortment of tools. When considering corporate holiday gift for employees, custom multi tool keychains are the ideal items.


Custom Keychain Materials

Our custom keychains are made from many different materials. Each material has it own characteristics and advantages.



ABS is Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. It is a central ingredient in many customized keychains. ABS is a thermoplastic, it can be melted down, reshaped and repurposes without suffering damaging. ABS is a highly recyclable material. So ABS custom keychains are the eco-friendly promotional keychains.



Acrylic is a synthetic polymer which is lightweight. It is soft to the touch. Acrylic custom keychains are great promotional items for banks, credit unions and schools.


Brushed chrome

Brushed chrome is machine polished for a smooth, satin-like finish. Our brushed chrome custom keychains shine brightly when making imprinted logo look great in the process.


Metal Plated Keychains

Metal plated keychains are coated with a layer of a precious metal. If you are looking for a premium promotional keychains, custom gold plated keychains are the ideal options. In addition to adding an elegant look, gold plating make any item it cover more resistant toward corrosion.



Aluminum is a lightweight metal which has several applications across industries. At Morning Craft, we provide a variety of different custom engraved dog tag keychains which are made of aluminum. They are durable and lightweight. They bring convenience without making pocket sag. Contact us to get a free quote now!

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