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How To Create The Metal Logo Plates

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Making the metal logo plates can be very interesting. But actually, there are many things to consider. There are many options to choose from. This article will help you to understand the whole process which includes how to design, how to order. And the most important is how to save time and money. 


Custom Metal Logo Plates

Understanding the metal logo plates making process will help to design a better  Custom Metal Logo Plates . Hand made metal logo plates has some limitations which includes size, shape and the level of detail. A metal mold is built according to your artwork. A artwork in vector version is used to build a mold for the logo plate design. The mold is stamped into a sheet of metal. Every logo plate is cut from the sheet with a customized die in unique shape. If the logo plate has a very complex outline or a hole which needs to be cut out, then, zinc casting is needed.


Custom Metal Logo Plates


No matter the mold is stamped in metal or in zinc casting. They create raised metal, and the area that are recessed on the logo plates. The recessed are can be filled in liquid colors. Each color needs to be surrounded completely by metal to hold the enamel until the liquid color is hardened. If there is a gap in the metal, the liquid color can not be filled in.


Methods of Creating The Metal Logo Plates

Enamel is normally hand filled with small syringes or a machine depending on the design. And the logo plate will be plated with the metal finish. The plated process involves soaking which cause a chemical reaction with the metal. Logo plates then will be washed and packaged individually.


Artwork which will be viewed on a flat surface or on a screen is different from the real metal logo plate with enamel filled. Reducing the total color count will have to save money. The successful logo plate design is simple but have strong idea. And the size is also important as it will effect the price. Big logo plates are eye-catching and small ones are also appealing.


Get a Quote of Custom Metal Logo Plates from Morning Craft

When the artwork ready, the next step is to find a reliable manufacturer to quote the logo plates. At Morning Craft, our craftsmen will review the design and check if everything works. If there is anything needs to be adjust, our professional craftsmen to work with you to ensure to achieve a good result. When the design is validated, we will begin production. Our production is normally around two or four weeks.


There are many ways can reduce the logo plates cost. The two main factor is the size and the quantity. If the order is big, the price per unit is low er significantly. If you will need more logo plates in the future, it is more economical to order more. And if the size of the logo plate is bigger, the price will be higher.


Get a free quote on our website to begin your custom metal logo plates projects. If your have any question, let us know. Our craftsmen will let you know the best process, size and option for your logo plates projects.

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