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How to Advertise with Bottle Opener?

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Bottle openers seem not a likely way to advertise, but they are very useful. Bottle openers are small, cost effective which everyone can use. Order cheap bottle openers bulk at Morning Craft with your logo and design added, they are the perfect marketing items.


Custom Bottle Opners


Who will advertise with Custom Bottle Openers?


Who can advertise with custom bottle openers? The answer is everyone. Custom bottle openers can be used in any business. Contact us today to create your unique creative bottle openers.


1, For bars and restaurants

If you have a restaurant or a bar, a customized bottle openers is an ideal way to advertise your business. You can hand out your customized bottle openers at a grand opening as a gift on customer birthdays.


2, For breweries

Breweries are becoming more and more popular. If you want your breweries stand out. Creating your banded bottle openers as a promotion or to your gift shop. Here at Morning Craft, your can create custom bottle openers with your beer labels added. Customers can take them home.


3, For sport team

Sport fans wan to represent their loved teams. Custom bottle openers with team logo are an ideal giveaway for the attendees. They can be also as prizes for fans. Any sport team can be beneficial from custom bottle openers.


4, For beverage distributors

Restaurant, concert and banquet halls have beverage distributors. Beverage distributors are beneficial from custom bottle openers with brand logo. You will never know who will pick up one and take it with them.


5, For wedding gift

Wedding gifts can be forgotten easily and left behind at the end of the night unless the gifts are useful. Custom bottle openers with the couple’s initials engraved or the date of wedding is the great gift to give wedding guests.


6, For casinos

People who go to casinos want to win big. So, handing out custom bottle openers as promotional items is a great way to show off your brand to anyone. Patrons will take your custom bottle openers home and use it at dinner parties, picnics, holidays and more.


7, For souvenir store

When people have a trip, souvenirs are an ideal way for them to remember their trip or the place they have ever visited. Custom bottle openers with a landmarks, town or destination from your souvenir shop are the great gifts for family and friends back home.


There are many ways to advertise with custom bottle open such as sporting event giveaways or grand opening prizes. Custom bottle openers with your message added is an amazing way to spread anything.


How to Customize Bottle Openers?


Here at Morning Craft, we offer many tips to create your custom bottle openers. Just follow below suggestions which would ensure your customized bottle openers look clean and professional.


1, Remember the area for imprinting is small. Just print a few characters with a small picture or illustration.


2, Choose the best type of the bottle opener. For example, when it comes to creating great small giveaways, custom bottle opener keychain is an ideal option. When it comes to creating excellent gifts, wall mounted is an ideal option.


3, Have the font in simple and easy style so the messages on the bottle openers are easy to read.


4, Be careful of the colors to add and the limitations of the imprint methods. Try to narrow down the number of the colors.


Here at Morning Craft, you can always consult our engineers with any questions about how to customize bottle openers.


What are the imprint methods to create Bottle Openers?


Different materials need different imprint methods. Depending the materials, you can choose the following imprint methods to create your custom bottle openers.


Laser engraving

When you want to add message on your bottle openers, laser engraving is an ideal option. The only limitation is that the color can not be engraved. Laser engraving logo have high perceived value.


Pad printing

Pad printing is widely used on plastic bottle openers. Several different color can be pad printed onto your custom bottle openers.


Screen printing

Screen printing is widely used on bottle openers which coated with rubber or PVC. Screen printing is a cost-effective method to print single color.


When it comes to choosing the imprint methods, just consider what you want your bottle openers to look like. If you have several colors, a plastic bottle opener is an ideal option as it can be pad or screen printed. If you just have plain text, metal bottle openers with engraved logo are an ideal option.


Contact Morning Craft


Any business and event can take advantages of custom bottle openers. Contact us today to order cheap bottle openers bulk with you logo added to wow your guests and customers.

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