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Different Type of Custom Keychains

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Custom keychains keep track of your keys and show off your unique personality. Custom cheap keychains are a great low-cost item for business with limited budgets. At Morning Craft, we offer endlessly customizable services. No matter you want to make them with your company brand or with a cool pattern, our team of craftsmen are able to make. If you want custom keychains for business, contact us today.


Custom Keychains


When it comes to making Custom Keychains, there is a lot of things you might realize. For example, design, different material, key-rings, and ant other factors which transform the whole item. At Morning Craft, our three main types of keychains are custom keychains metal, PVC keychains, and embroidered keychains. We offer custom logo keychains no minimum requirement, excellent quality and reasonable price. Both large and small scale business are welcome.


The three main Types of Custom Keychains

The three main types of custom keychain categorized by used materials are metal keychains, PVC keychains and embroidered keychains. Custom keychain materials use the overall functionality, purpose and customization possibilities.


Metal Keychains

Custom metal keychains made are the classic and traditional type of custom keychains. Custom keychain metal is shiny and sturdy. Metal keychains consist of a metal emblem attached to a metal keyring. Custom keychain metal is traditionally the plated nickel. Metal keychains are made with all metallic finish and with enamel color added to single or double sides of the metal keychains.


PVC Keychains

PVC keychains are the most durable type of custom keychains. PVC keychains are flexible, lightweight and vibrant. Color options of PVC keychains are unlimited. PVC keychains don’t jingle with other keys. PVC keychains have a splash of color which make them easy to spot and keep track. PVC keychains are made of polyvinyl chloride. Polyvinyl chloride is a sturdy synthetic thermoplastic material. PVC keychains can be made in any size and shape.


Embroidered Keychains

Embroidered keychains are retro, eclectic and cool. Embroidered keychains are made out of fabric and thread. Embroidered keychains are lightweight and available in any color. Embroidered keychains don’t jingle with other keys. They offer a splash of color which makes them easy to spot and keep track of.


Which type of Custom Keychain works best for you?

Actually, there is not a best type custom keychain. Any can work well and help us to keep track of our keys. Choose the best custom keychains for business needs to consider below factors.


If you are looking for a tradition, classic keychain and you have budget, metal keychains is an ideal option.


If you are looking for affordable, durable and easy to spot keychains, PVC keychains might be the best.


Find a reliable manufacturer to create your Custom Keychains

Morning Craft, as a reliable custom keychain manufacturer, we make it simple for customers to design and customize high quality metal, PVC or embroidered keychains at reasonable price with satisfaction guaranteed. If you are looking for a keychain manufacturer which could provide multiple keychain types, customization options, great customer service, custom logo keychains no minimum quantities, great reviews, fast turnaround time, contact us today.

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