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How to Make Custom Metal Logo Badges - Morning Craft

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Custom metal logo badges are becoming more and more popular. Many people want custom metal logo badges more than before. And many people are interested in knowing how to make custom metal logo badges. Morning Craft, as one of the most reliable custom metal badge manufacturers, let us to show you how to make custom metal logo badges.



Step 1: Design the custom metal logo badges 

A perfect design is the most important part of custom metal logo badges. At Morning Craft, our team will help customer to design their custom metal logo badges according to their requirements.


Step 2: Make a 3D model

Before making a 3D model, customers will confirm the design of custom metal logo badges. When the 3D model is made, production of custom metal logo badges can begin. A mold material is a piece of black steel, it is fixed in the engraving machine. The computer program is compiled according to the 3D model in the black steel and remove the excess metal parts. Engraving time depends on the size and complexity level of the custom metal logo badge design. It will take a few hours or a few days to finish the mold. When the mold is finish, our team of engineers will check the mold patten with the design to make sure the mold is correct. The mold has to be put in to the oven with high temperature to reduce the hardness of the mold. The last thing to do is put it into the oil to cool immediately to increase the hardness and toughness.  


Step 3: Die struck

To prevent the mold from being damaging during stamping process, a steel ring is set at the outside of the cooling mold. At Morning Craft, we use a hydraulic machine to fix the mold, and we start the beginning process which is called die struck. When the blank custom metal logo badges are finished, our craftsmen will check the blank badges compared to the design. If there is something need to be correct, we will modify the mold and even re-engrave a new mold until everything is perfect. When everything is perfect, we will begin mass production.


Step 4: Grinding and vibration

To make custom metal logo badges to come out smoothly, our craftsmen will put all blanks into the grinding machine to shock. It will make the blanks to begin collision and friction so it provides custom metal logo badges a simply polished.


Step 5: Add attachment

At Morning Craft, we have a wide range of accessories such as thorn needle, butterfly clutch, safety pin, magnet and more.


Step 6: Polishing

Polishing is an important production process. Nobody wants to receive custom metal logo badges which have a rough and scratched surface. At Morning Craft, we responsible for each customer, we are strict about polishing for custom meta logo badges. If customers want not high smooth requirement, we use the grinding sand wheel to polish. If customers want a smooth surface and even mirror gloss, we will use the cloth wheel to polish. At Morning Craft, every custom metal logo badge is polished separately. And we also do side polishing by hand after polishing.


Step 7: Electroplating

Custom metal logo badges are electroplated according to customer’s need. They can be bright gold, bright red copper, bright silver, antique gold, antique silver, antique brass, antique copper and more.


Step 8: Coloring

Color can be made by soft enamel and hard enamel. Soft enamel is one of our popular styles. Soft enamel custom metal logo badges’ metal area is raised and the color are recessed. Hard enamel color is smooth and has an upscale feeling. For soft enamel, craftsmen suck the color with a needle and color it by hand. And then put the custom metal logo badges into the oven at high temperatures to make the paint sold and fixed on the badges. For hard enamel, we will electroplate first and then to color. Plating is first, coloring is second and plating is third. Hard enamel custom metal logo badges need to be polished twice. After coloring, craftsmen need to deal with the uneven color problems. And the badges need to be washed to avoid damages by high temperatures.


Step 9: Packaging

At Morning Craft, we offer different packaging according to requirement from different customer. We have poly bags, paper card, velvet pouch, velvet box, plastic box and more.


Above is the main 9 steps to make custom logo metal badges. If you have any questions or want to make your own badges like custom metal car badges, contact us today. As a reliable metal badge manufacturer, we are always ready to help.

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