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Customized Badges - Design Techniques and Surface Finish

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Custom badges have effortless ability to transform into a item which is suitable for any events, occasion or other purpose.


As customized badges have versatility, they are the great accessory to gift in certain events. No matter you want to use customized badges as a thanks for a charity donation, a strong branding or marketing tool, a token of remembrance or a wedding gift, different customized badges design, printing and surface finishes can reflect your intentions.


We Create Varieties of Customized Badges

At Morning Craft, we can create customized badges with any image print, design or text engraved. Our craftsmen are able to use different rafting, etchings and cutting method to make each customized badges with unique finish. Here are our most popular customized techniques.


Custom Badges


Customized Button Badges

Customized button badges have nature production and are cost-effective, it is one of the most popular items at Morning Craft. Our basic customized button badges have a blank space for printing brand logos or a specific message. Our customized button badges are created with a high quality metal safety pin. We can also change the safety pin to a plastic clip which are aimed at children.


As customized button badges are inexpensive, fast turnaround and can be printed anything onto, they are a perfect item as a free marketing tool. Customized button badges are widely used in school, sports teams or other instances when cost efficiency is the most important thing.


Customized Embroidered Badges

At Morning Craft, our customized embroidered badges are made with the most advanced machines which allow to achieve intricately detailed and accurate design, logos and message. You can choose a threaded or heat-cut border to make your customized embroidered badges.


You can make your customized embroidered badge with a plain back, featuring an iron-on back, velcro back, adhesive back or a hard PVC back. The background of customized embroidered badges can be twill, felt, velvet and faux fur. Our customization is endless. You can receive completely tailored customized badges at an economical price. Customized embroidered badges are widely used for sport emblem, girl guides, scout badges or iron-on design patches for clothing.


Customized Glitter Badges

At Morning Craft, our customized glitter badges are one of the most eye-catching badges. Glitter can be added to customized badges to accent smaller sections. We can also make all over glitter badges with epoxy resin covered the whole face.


Clitter badges can be made onto steel, iron or brass with soft enamel base. Customized glitter badges are widely used by charities, international organizations and sport teams as their high quality materials and attractive glitter finish.


Customized PVC Badges

Customized PVC badges are soft. They are the molded badges made from PVC material. At Morning Craft, our customized PVC badges can be made with multiple layers, and result in vibrant and clear design or text. We can do color match by our pantone color matching system which is ideal for vivid photo and complex logos.


As customized PVC badges have fun elements. They are widely used in children’s charities, schools and educational organizations. But they are also suitable for any institution or organization because they have ability to achieve intricate design.


Customized Enamel Badges

Customized enamel badges can be created as soft enamel badges and hard enamel badges. They have different advantages.


At Morning Craft, our hard enamel badges are finished and polished by our experienced craftsmen. Hard enamel badges are usually stamped in copper or aluminum. Hard enamel badges are durable. Customized hard enamel is one of the most expensive badges at Morning Craft. Although customized enamel badges are expensive, they have superior finishes. Customized hard enamel badges are widely used in special events like business awards ceremony, as a prize or a customized wedding gift.


Soft enamel badges are one of the cheapest badges but they can be designed and finished to an excellent standard. Customized soft enamel badges are the ideal badges when cost-effectiveness is a priority. For example, charity fundraisers.


Hard enamel and soft enamel badges can take color excellently. It is possible to make customized enamel badges with complicated design, logo and text.


Customized 3D Badges

Customized 3D badges are the most intricate to create, the surface finish of 3D badges is the most striking. They have the power to make an impact in all circumstances. At Morning Craft, our craftsmen use a myriad of complex tools and tooling methods and create customized 3D badges with high quality.


Depending on budget, customized 3D badges can be cast in stamped copper, pewter or zinc. Color can be added to capture the essence of brand or design. Customized 3D badges are widely used by global corporations or as high-end marketing or brand promotion items.


Why choose Morning Craft

Morning Craft, as a leading customized badges manufacturer, we create different customized badges for customers all around the world. No matter you want to save money as much as possible or want to create complex, detailed, color and texture badges, we are able to help. At Morning Craft, all the jobs take place in our own factory, so no natter customers order button badges, enamel badges, 3D badges, our designer and badge makers will work together to create the best products. To make the best badges, give us a call and we are happy to help.

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