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Custom Challenge Coin Bottle Opener

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In hot summer, people can not leave the beer especially in the International Beer Day. International Beer Day is a global celebration to stay with family and friends and enjoy beer in pub, bar, brewery tour and everywhere around the world. It is a great time for companies to celebrate the beer and promote their products brand and more. Custom Challenge Coin and custom bottle opener are the perfect items because they are special, attractive and functional and fitting for International Beer Day.


A common bottle opener made with a piece of metal with a round or rectangular opening at the end. When challenge coin combined with bottle opener, it is functional, delicate and useful. Making a custom challenge coin with bottle opener, it makes a great addition for everyone who joins the beer event and they will feel your gratitude. Morning Craft, as a leading Custom Challenge Coin Bottle Opener, souvenir coin and personalized dog tag necklace craftsman, we have round challenge coin bottle opener, dog tag challenge coin bottle opener, edge cutting challenge coin bottle opener and more. They have feature with a rectangle and round shape. Our great craftsmanship craft the challenge coins with a cut out part for a bottle opening feature which make them stand out.


Custom Bottle Opener


Round challenge coin bottle opener is the most common shape for challenge coin bottle opener. It has a cut out opening on the top or at the bottom of the challenge coin. With this round challenge coin bottle open, most bottles are opened easy and challenge coins design can be kept fully. People especially the military member like functional gifts. A dog tag design is a rectangle shape with a jump ring to hang. The opening parts can be crafted either on the top or at the bottom. At Morning Craft, we can make your military challenge coins and personalized dog tag necklace with multiple functional as a Custom Bottle Opener. Edge cutting challenge coin bottle opener makes the challenge coin bottle opener unique and outstanding. As there is an edge cutting, the thickness of challenge coin should be more than 3.5mm. Custom trolley coin keychain is also an ideal metal craft which can be made with bottle opener. We can craft your personalized message to meet customers’ unique requirement.


Custom challenge coin bottle opener is an ideal giveaway item which is functional and high valued. At Morning Craft, we can make any shape, style, color. Our skilled craftsmen make your special items to represent our business, military unit or group. Contact us at [email protected] to make your own challenge coins!

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