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Custom Dog Tags

Build Your Custom Dog Tag Necklace

The dog tag is a type of military identification tag which are worn by soldiers in war. During the war, dog tags are used to indicate the wounded and dead. Dog tags were sent to soldiers instead of plastic ID cards and dog tags are hard to battle condition resistant and durable. In India, dog tags are confused with the ones which are used on animals. Contact us today to create your custom dog tag necklace.

History of dog tag Necklace

The first dog tag necklace was in the American civil war. They were used to identify the dead soldiers. Dog tag necklaces used in war were harsh battle conditions and corrosion resistant. The soldiers were afraid to be buried in unmarked graves so they found a way to solve this problem. There were many ways of identifications. For example, matching on clothes, creating a paper tag and pin on the clothes, creating old coins, craving on the wood, or stringing around the neck. And the manufacturers which followed the armies created engraved customized dog tag necklaces. In the early of 20th century, the dog tags were officially introduced in a round disk engraved with a soldier’s name, number, company, and regiment. Before World War I, the dog tag necklace is a part of an army kit.

Why Did people call it a dog tag?

People called those tags dog tags as it is like tags used on pet owners. So, if you are searching for a custom dog tag necklace for pets, the right term is pet tags instead of dog tags. The dog tags which have military tag references are from the Prussian Army in 1870. They are similar to the tags which each dog wears.  

Materials of custom dog tag necklace with a picture

Here at Morning Craft, our custom dog tag necklace is made of metal such as stainless steel or aluminum. We can also create dog tags in copper and brass material. Dog tags are corrosion-resistant. Typically, a custom dog tag necklace has plates of 1” x 2” with identical information on both sides. Some dog tags have two separate plates. One is hung with a ball chain in 24” length and the other one is hung on to a long chain by a small ball chain in 4.5” length. The standard diameter of the ball chain is 2.5mm and it can be increased to 3mm. A ball chain with a bigger diameter can not move in the tag hole which is 4mm diameter freely.

Why dog tags?

In the past, dog tags are used to identify the dead or wounded in the war by the information engraved on the dog tags. If the conditions in the war did not allow for to removal of the body immediately, one tag is collected and the other is left on the body for retrieval of the body later. If the dog tags are not used in the military, biker and adventure enthusiasts use dog tags that are engraved with their address and contact information. A custom dog tag necklace is useful when traveling alone. Today, a customized dog tag necklace with picture is a way of youth fashion and musicians.

How create A customized dog tag necklace?

Here at Morning Craft, we can create customized dog tag necklaces with embossing or debossing machines which are similar to machines used to emboss credit cards. We make custom dog tag necklaces in low volume by manual machines that have a rotating drum and a handle punching. The drum is rotated for the right alphanumeric character and the handle is pulled down to create the impression of information on the dog tag. Automatic machines are expensive and are used to create custom dog tag necklaces in high volume. We create an embossed and a debossed dog tag with thin metal sheets of 0.04mm thickness as the thick metal sheet can not be embossed and have to be engraved. Embossing is the raised letter and debossed is the opposite of embossing.

What information to put on the dog tags?

Typically, a military custom dog tag necklace has information embossed and a picture printed on it. The standard information includes name, number, blood group, and religious preference. The name identifies the individual. The bold group helps if any blood transfusion is needed. Religious preference is given if the body is not able to send back to the soldier’s home for some reason.


Custom dog tag necklaces are sued for soldier identification in the past. Today, a customized dog tag necklace with a picture is a way of faction and modern popular culture. Custom dog tags with personalized information engraved can be inscribed with someone’s details, beliefs, tastes, religious favorite quote, or only a name. In the late 1990s, customized dog tag necklaces with pictures is worn by musicians, actors or actresses. They have been added to jewelry collections. A customized dog tag necklace with a picture is also a marketing giveaway item that provides customers the chance to create their unique dog tag with logo, text, and pictures. Custom dog tags are becoming more and more popular. We can add your logo by laser engraving, color printing, or photo etching to make your dog tag necklace truly custom.