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Where Can I buy A Personalized Dog Tag?

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A personalized dog tag for pets is a great way to keep your dog safe and get them home fast if they get lost. There are a plenty of other animals that can use a personalized dog tag. If we want to buy a personalized dog tag, contact us today.

Personalized Dog Tags


Personalized dog tags for cat

After dogs, many people used personalized dog tags for cat. Indoors cats may slip out the door and get lost. Many cat owners will take the precaution and invest in a little kitty bling with all important information engraved in the personalized do tags for their cats.


Personalized dog tags for farm animals

At Morning Craft, we have dog tag personalized made for farm animals like chicken, rabbits, horses, goats. Animals at farm will benefit from wearing the personalized dog tags. If you lose a domesticated rabbit or if you don’t want to get your domesticated rabbit lost, you can use a personalized dog tag. If you want friends and family members to know the name of your farm animals, personalized dog tags with animal name are quite useful. For example, at the zoo, if a goat has a personalized dog tag with its name on, it is an excellent chance for people to enjoy bonding with the animal.


Personalized dog tags for other uses

The use of personalized dog tags is limitless. Some people make personalized dog tags for their belonging. For example, some people use the personalized dog tags to connect the backpack zippers to have a fun. It is a stylish way to mark their belongings.


What information we can include on the personalized dog tag?

At Morning Craft, our personalized dog tags are about safety and style. Wearing a personalized dog tag is one of the best ways to get your pet home fast and safely if they got lost. So, what information we would suggest to include on your personalized dog tags?


1, Name and phone number

When people find a pet, they will usually call you, So, it is important to include the phone number on your personalized dog tags. Cell phone number is the most important number, followed by home and office number. You can also include the phone number of your close friend, family member and more. Adding your name on the personalized dog tags is more important than your pet’s name. It makes earlier for someone who finds you pets to contact with you. When someone who calls you, you can tell him your pet’s name. If your pet is incredibly adorable, leaving out their name makes it difficult for a person to steal them.   


2, Other information

If you travel frequently, it is better to put your city and state onto the personalized dog tags. So, if your pet gets lost out of state, someone who finds them will know they are far from home and need more help. Home address can also be added on the dog tag. If your pet has special need, your can have a note on the personalized dog tag. For example, the word “I need meds”. When people find your pet, they will know they need to get your pet home as quickly as possible. Another way to encourage people to get your pet home safe is to include the words “Reward if found”.


It may be difficult to have all the information on the personalized dog tags. But no worries. At Morning Craft, our craftsmen can fit all the information on a set of two personalized dog tags with no issues. And if your information is short, we can have it on to one personalized dog tag.


A simple personalized dog tag could save your pet’s life. Contact us today to buy your personalized dog tags.

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