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How to Create Your Own Custom Challenge Coin?

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Have you ever thought about making custom challenge coins? Custom challenge coin is a tradition custom item. It is great to make custom challenge coins and sell in custom shop or distribute to organization. Challenge coin custom is memorable, small and customizable. If you want to have challenge coin custom made in Morning Craft for commemorating events, recognizing achievement or spreading the word about business, contact our team of craftsmen. We are a great challenge coin custom manufacturer that is able to turn your design or concept to life. We have ever made custom challenge coin, military coins and commemorative coins for customers all around the world. We offer freedom to customize factors of custom coins from color, size, shape and materials. We are able to make custom challenge coins with your own design.


Custom Challenge Coins


What is a custom challenge coin?

A custom challenge coin is unique and with custom-designed which represents an occasion, organization or group. Normally, a challenge coin custom made is small, circular which has logo and emblem. The size, shape and material of a challenge coin custom is similar to a penny. A custom challenge coin can be used as a currency. It has no monetary value. Collectors will usually keep a custom challenge coin in a box or a pocket or even display on the wall.


Five main steps to make custom challenge coins

You may start thinking about how to make your custom challenge coins. We will figure out how to bring your design or idea to life easily at Morning Craft.


1, Choose a product

At Morning Craft, our team of craftsmen allow customers to make different kinds of custom products. For example, badges, medals, keychains, bottle openers and more. Contact us to select the custom challenge coin options.  


2, Make Custom Challenge Coin

It is time to bring your custom challenge coin to life. Begin to make the customization decisions like size, color, style, finish, type and border design of your challenge coin custom made. At Morning Craft, we are able to add extra features. For example, bottle opening function, a spinning centerpiece, epoxy coating, translucent enamel, engraved sequential numbers, glow-in-the-dark enamel, rhinestones and more. Except for the custom challenge coin, we also provide different option for displaying and presenting.


3, Finalize your design

When you have all important specifications, it is time to finalize your custom challenge coin design. Just simply upload your design in PDF or AI format. You can also upload your logo or insignia with all of the text you want to include. If you don’t have design, no worries. Just simply offer detailed notes, our team will help you to have your unique challenge coin custom made.  


4, Approve your sample

Before running into mass production, our team will make a prototype for your approval. We will either send you a physical sample of your custom challenge coin or e-mail you detailed photos. If everything is approved, we will move forward with production and make sure all your custom challenge coins meet that quality standard. If you want to change anything, just let us know your feedback and our team will make changes.


4, Get your mass production custom challenge coins

When we finished production, we will ship them and send you the tracking information. When you get the coins, you hand them our to organization or sell them to commemorate important events. Morning Craft offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, we ensure you will love your challenge coin custom.


At Morning Craft, we can have your challenge coin custom made with your unique design while keeping in line with your priorities for price, quality and service. We produce custom challenge coins at a fair price and with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you are looking to make custom challenge coins, contact us at [email protected] today.

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