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Types of Coin Holder Keychains

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Morning Craft offer coin holder keychains at a first-rate price! Our coin holder keychains are perfect for keeping AA coins, medallions, token within eye sight each time people reach for your keys. Contact us if you need coin holder keychains, challenge coin holder keychains, AA coins holder keychains, leather coin holder keychains.


Coin Holder Keychains


AA Coin Holder Keychains

The gift of recovery and our recovery tokens are a great reminder of where we have come from and the gift we have been given. Carrying, protecting or displaying AA coins in a manner helps remind us of the Gratitude we have. Find an AA coin holder keychains at Morning Craft that’s exactly what you are looking for. At Morning Craft, we have wood, plastic, steel or leather, AA coin holder keychains, clear plastic AA coin cases, desk, shelf token displays, presentation coins cases, hanging plaque coin displays and more. Our team of craftsmen will bring you a high-quality AA coin holder keychain at a competitive price.


Leather Coin Holder Keychain

At Morning Craft, we have leather coin holder keychains. Customers can choose leather color and thread color they want. Normally, our small leather coin holder keychain is in 4.5” length, 2.6” height and 2.5” width. It can hold coins with size 1/34” in diameter and 1/8” thick or smaller. Large leather coin holder keychain is in 4 3/4” length, 2 9/16” height and 2 11/16” width. It can hold coins in size 1 7/8" inches in diameter and 1/8th inch thick or smaller. Our leather coin holder keychains can be hand stitched by a saddle stitch that create seam which is very durable.


Challenge Coin Holder Keychain

Challenge coins can be stitched to the key ring with the use of coin bezel mounting. The challenge coin frame offer protection from wear and damage with screw type closure which make sure challenge coins are securely enclosed and fit for daily uses. At Morning Craft, our challenge coin holder keychains are made of brass material can hold standard thickness of 3MM coins in 38mm, 40mm, 42mm, 45mm and 50mm diameter. To ensure the challenge coin holder keychain are perfect fit, please send us your challenge coins when you order your challenge coin holder keychain. Our challenge coin holder keychains can be electroplated in gold or nickel color to match challenge coin color. With challenge coin holder keychains, it is very convenient to carry around your challenge coins. We have many sizes available. Changing military coins, challenge coins and souvenir coins to keychains is easy.


Coin holder keychains offer additional protection to you cherished coins and provide convenience to carry around your coins. Contact us today if you want to create coin holder keychains.

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