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How Can I Find Reliable Metal Lapel Pin Badge Manufacturers?

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If you are ready to place custom made badges order. The first step is to choose a reliable metal lapel pin badges manufacturer. Before making the decision that select metal badges manufacturers, there are a few things should consider. Producing custom badges is a complicated process. But choosing a reliable custom metal badges manufacturer to handle the orders, the process is straightforward and enjoyable. This article will explore four main factors that need to consider when choosing a reliable custom metal badges manufacturer.


Custom Badges


Minimum Order Quantity

Usually, metal lapel pin badges manufacturers have a minimum order quantity requirement. It is very important to ask the metal badges manufacturers if they have MOQ requirement so you will know if this manufacturer can meet your needs and budget. For example, if the metal lapel pin badges manufacturer has a MOQ of 500 and your order and budget is 300 custom made badges, you will need to pay for 200 custom badges which you don’t need. At Morning Craft, our MOQ is based on the custom badge types. Our MOQ for enamel badges is 250 pieces. This quantity changes for different custom made badge types. You can order 50 pieces sandblasted badges. Some manufacturers do not have MOQ requirements. They will charge exorbitant cost per piece if the order is small to cover their set up cost.


Material and Shape

A reliable manufacturer offers customization services. You can make your custom badge in customized design. You are able to choose hard or soft enamel. Hard enamel is premium quality, it is an ideal choice for polished durability. Soft enamel is low cost, it is a good choice for giveaway items. A reliable manufacturer allow customer to choose color and texture which include pantone color and multiple finishing they like for their custom made badges. A reliable custom metal badges manufacturer is able to create custom badges in any shape and size customers want. At Morning Craft, all this is our specialty. We understand that the color, finish and shape of your custom badges can help to grow your business. Also, it is important to ask metal badges manufacturers about what options are available for your custom badges.


Design Assistance

Not all metal badges manufacturers offer design assistance. At Morning Craft, we are offer design assistance. We are here to help customers to design their custom badges. We are able to help cases include: you just have a loose concept for the design, you have a design ready to go but need help to convert picture to badge specifications and more.


Packaging Options

Most custom metal badges manufacturers supply custom badges in individual poly bag. If you are looking for other packaging options, ask the metal lapel pin badges manufacturers what packing options they could offer. At Morning Craft, we have a wide range of interesting packing options for our customer. We have branded backing cards, clear polybags, display boxes and more.


Custom badges are a great way to show your company or designs. They are available in soft or hard enamel. At Moring Craft, our soft enamel badges are made by stamping custom designs into customized chosen plating before filling the gaps with colored enamel, creating a thin line of raised metal. Soft badges are cost-effective for promotional campaign. Hard enamel badges are filled with multiple layers of enamel and then polished back down to meet the metal plating. They are high quality and add a touch of prestige to any campaign.


We hope everyone is able to find a reliable metal lapel pin badges manufacturer. Ask above four factors will help you to narrow your search and find the best manufacturer for your custom badge projects. At Morning Craft, all our custom made badges come with a low cost and quality guarantee. Please be free to contact us if you have any questions on custom badge.

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