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Type of Custom Metal Badges

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Enamel metal badges are made with great finish options, shapes and color. At Morning Craft, we have polished silver, gold, copper and other popular finish options. Our craftsmen will work closely with customers to develop different types of custom metal badges which include honor badges, name badges, army badges, security badge and more.


Custom Metal Badges


Our enamel custom metal badges options are available in different finishes. For example, 3D raised letter, logo, engraved and color filled details. Our enamel color fill options are hard and soft enamel with epoxy coating. Soft enamel with epoxy coating is more durable. Our custom metal badges have durable finish. We offer custom size, shape, details, pantone color, sandblast, 3D effects, high detail finish, polished, antique, matte finish options, reasonable prices.


From all the options available, how to choose the best custom metal badges? Here is a rundown of the main type of custom metal badges.


Honor Badges

Honor badges are one of the most important badges. They can be used to hire hero and increase their star level. Honor badges can be received in daily reward and nobility title reward given every day.


Name Badges

When individual identification is required, name badges is an ideal option. At Morning Craft, our premium option is to print full color to a solid PVC base. The print cover 100% of the name badges and the background can be made in any color you want. Name badges can be printed, or covered with a protective dome. The dome we recommend is for hard wear, regular usage, or environments with chemicals or cleaning products like hospital or a hairdressers. Button name badges are also a great option if customers’ budget is limited. Button name badges are cheaper. The choice of sizes and shapes is different. At Morning Craft, our button name badges can be made with a standard pin or a magnet.


Army Badges

Army badges are military decorations which issued by the Army. They are given to soldiers who have achieved a variety of qualifications and accomplishments when serving on active and reserve duty. Army badges are categorized into marksmanship, combat and special skill, identification and foreign.


Security Badges

Security guards’ responsibility is to monitor and enforce the rule of their employer’s property. When security guards are on duty, they serve as a deterrent against potential crime and also represent the property as a secure space. So, wearing security badges is very necessary. Security badges is the most visible part of the security uniform. They represent the authority and professionalism. At Morning Craft, we have a large collection of security bade from the industry top brands. We offer custom security badges to different organizations all around the world.


Button Badges

Button badges are full color badges. The pressed together by machine. Normally, button badges are round, but we also have square and rectangular options. Button badges are the low cost promotional item and reward badges. At Morning Craft, we can make button badge from just a single badge upwards. We can have full color print and multiple design within one order. Our turnaround time is quick.


Enamel Lapel Badges

Enamel lapel badge is the premium lapel badges. Enamel is the material that forms the blocks of solid color with an enamelled badge. Similar badges can be made in metal alone or with a print instead of enamelling process. At Morning Craft, each lapel badge order can be created unique in shape, size, and design. Contact us Today!

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