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Tie Pins, Tie Clips, and Tie Bars

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People may get a little confused by men’s accessories. But the accessories do not have to be. The most recognized accessory may be the tie pin, tie clip and tie bar. The article helps you to sort this out together.


What's the Different of Tie Pins, Tip Bars and Tie Clips?

So, what is the main difference between tie pin, tie clip and tie bar? Tie bars which are also called tie slide, they slide over the tie and shirt to secure the tie to the shirt.


When a tie clip is open, it is like a jaw and then close around the tie and shirt to secure both together. Tie clips attach the tie to the tie to the shirt without leaving holes. Tie clips design is normally a plain metal. At the beginning of 20th century, cravats were not so fashionable. And tie pins were not always the best choice when it came to accessorising and styling. Tie pins lie close to the body on a long tie and they left holes in the tie. And tie clips entered.


Custom Tie Clips for Groomsmen


Tie pins are similar to tie clips and tie bars, tie pins consists of a tie bar, chain and fastener. As tie pins tend to be more discreet and serve as a subtle accent, a lot of men like wearing tie pins. Tie pins began around at the beginning of 19th century. Gentlemen worn scarves is a fashion at that time. And cravat was a popular style of scarf. Cravat was made of silk, satin and lace. Tie pins are also called stick pins. A tie pin keeps the cravat in place throughout the day. Cravat is made of a very expensive selection of material like silk, satin and lace. So, ensuring the cravat is important. Cravats were usually worn by upper class men, and tie pin were made from expensive material like precious metal. Decoration was added in tie pins like diamonds and emeralds. In Victorian period, cheaper materials were also used to hold ties. Being less expensive than tie pin, silver and gold safety pins were used in place of tie pins. In America, around 1870, tie pins and cravats were the latest fashion. And tie pins made of cheaper materials is more readily available.


From the outside, tie bars and tie clips are the same. They made from metal. They are horizontal. Tie clips open like a jaw to secure the tie to the shirt. Tie bars slide over the tie and shirt. Tie bars and tie clips are shorter the width of tie. Tie bars and ties clips ensure that men look goods and tie will not be flapping in the wind.


Tie bars, tie clips and tie pins are decorative. They have a wide range of different styles, colors, shape and more. Men can choose any style of tie bars, clips or pins to go as basic and formal. They will get funky with personalized pin and bars. Tie bar, clips, and pins can keep ties clean. When men lean over things, for example, a kitchen tale, they run the risk of collecting food onto the tie. A tip clip, bar and pins hold the tie in place so it won’t fall out or skid across the food. Tie bars, tie clips and tie pins keep the tie straight on uneven shoulders. And they help keeping popping tie knots down.


Contact Morning Craft for Tie Pins, Tie Clips and Tie Bars

Thanks for reading. You may have better understanding of tie pins, tie clips and tie bars. Just look into the different types and styles at Morning Craft. If you want Engraved Tie Pin and Custom Tie Clips for Groomsmen, just leave a message, we would love to hear from you soon. We are sure you will discover a new personality inside yourselves when to wear personalized tie pins, clips and bars. For more information, contact us at [email protected] today!

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