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Is it Good to Have Metallic Enamel In My Customized Coins?

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Metal plating is a layer of the groundwork of your customized challenge coin. Here at Morning Craft, we can create the warm tone of gold coins and the dark hue of nickel-plated coins. We can also mix two or more types of metallic enamel in the same design. When creating customized coins for law enforcement or the military, multi-plating is a popular option. Our team has used multi-plating in thousand of different customized coin, customized keychains, customized race medal etc. projects.


Metallic Emanel


Multi-plating is a good way to make your customized coins stand out. But before deciding on the final product, you’d better know all your options. If you want customized coins to be plated in gold and silver or a black nickel coin with copper plating, metallic enamel is a good choice.


Dual Plating Or Metallic Enamel?

Gold and silver are popular combinations for dual plating. A gold or silver challenge coin offers a strong sense of value. Gold combined with silver offers a beautiful contrast, making the design stand out.


Metallic enamel can create a similar look to dual plating. Metallic enamel is created by mixing powdered metal fragments into the paint. Metallic enamel provides the enamel with a metallic glimmer. It shines under the light. Gold or silver metal is reflective. Metallic enamel is softer with a matte finish.


Metallic enamel can only be added to the recessed area. All enamel paint need raised lines to prevent color mixing. Both raised and recessed areas can be plated.


When To Use Metallic Enamel?

Metallic enamel is ideal for any design. As gold and silver color are reflective, some customers don’t like these colors, so we suggest using color to add contrast. Unlike its solid metal counterpart, gold or silver metallic enamel is not so reflective. Gold or silver metallic enamel can be used instead of dual plating to reduce the shiny effect without sacrificing the shimmering metallic effect. If customers only want a small area in a different finish, metallic enamel is a great alternative. For example, customized coins in antique silver with gold metallic enamel can accent the design. The metallic gold enamel effect is good enough to fool people at the office. The metallic powder mixed in with paint offers a unique shine similar to the gold medal. If customers only want to have a dual plating effect on small parts of coins, metallic enamel is a cost-effective alternative as metallic enamel is less expensive.


When creating customized coins or custom tie clips with colored metal, metallic enamel is better suited than dual plating. And if you want to add high-polish metal to an antique metal coin, metallic enamel is also better suited for your coins. Creating colored metal coins makes it hard to dual-plate any metal. For antique metals, if you want a high polish metal shimmer on antique coins, metallic enamel is a good way, as antique metal pairs well with other antique metals.


How Much Does Metallic Enamel Cost?

When planning to begin a project, the cost is an important consideration. Customized coins with dual plating will be around $0.70 more expensive for one side or $1.40 more expensive for both sides. It may not sound like a big difference, but the extra cost caused by the number of coins for your orders may exceed your budget quickly.


Metallic enamel costs just $0.20 additionally for one side. If you are looking for ways to lower costs, metallic enamel provides a unique effect at a good price.


Compared to metal plating, metallic enamel has a softer finish, so it is a great alternative for dual plating if you don’t want your design overpowered by reflective metal. Colored metal does not react well to the dual plating process. Metallic enamel can create a similar effect. Metallic enamel is a cost-effective alternative to dual plating.


Contact Us For Metallic Enamel Coins

Here at Morning Craft, there are many ways to add color to customized challenge coins, metal badges custom, custom dogtag with pictures,and bulk bottle openers. We can do any Pantone color and add translucent and glitter enamel to sparkle to your customized coins. Metallic enamel in silver, copper, and gold and its unique effect is a great alternative to dual plating.


Whether you have black metal coins, a customized coin in antique copper, or a highly polished gold coin, using metallic enamel is a good way to create contrast and make your customized challenge coins stand out from others. Contact us for your custom gifts now!

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