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How To Make Your Metal Business Signs Awesome?

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When you want to make difference with you metal business signs amazing, there are a lot of ways to make your custom metal signs and message stand out. Today, we will talk about how to make your custom metal signs awesome?


Custom Metal Signs


1, Add vibrant color to your custom metal sign design

When you are doing the design for your custom metal signs, do not hesitate to use bright color. As bright and vibrant colors tend to draw people’s eye more quickly compared to bland colors. But do remember the usual rules of color: avoid using color which may visually fight with standard color of your logo or brand. And, do not use too many colors in a single sign. For more color tips or color information, contact us today.


2, Integrate custom shapes

There is nothing wrong with rectangles or squares. But consider different custom shape like a triangle, an oval or other custom shape. These custom shapes will make your metal business signs stand out as different gets attention. You need to make sure your message can fit within your custom shape without minimizing the size of your image. And think about if your want your custom shape to distract overly from the message itself. At Morning Craft, we offer many materials which can be cut in any shape. They include aluminum, plastic, acrylic and more.


3, Make your custom signs bigger

If you want your custom metal signs draw people’s attention, the size is a critical factor. Just slightly increase the size you’re your custom metal signs, you can get quite more message space. For example, if you increase your custom metal sign from a 24” x 12” to a 36” x 18”, you will have double message space available. So, there is a lot of additional room for you to make graphic.


4, Use interesting and unique images

If you have being using the same images in your custom metal signs for a long time, it is time to consider to change it and give yourself a new look. Do not afraid to use images which are visually arresting or make customers to stop in his or her track. Do not use the same image which other store or company use. Even your images show up on a competitor’s metal business signs, it is worse. And do not keeping an eye regularly on your competitor’s metal signs. Remember to only use images you have the rights or which you design yourself.


5, Try black and white, monotone

It is correct that colorful metal signs are preferred. But a black and white or monotone metal signs also have your message stand out. This may be something you want to pursue rarely, but you can offer your metal sign with some significant impact. You may thing it can be eye-catching if you use fine art image, historical images or a message of a simpler. Perhaps, you use “corporate timeline” signage” to celebrate your company anniversary or showcase a “signage picture album” of the company’s founders. In these examples, a black and white metal sign can move the needle on your message.


6, The floor is more

Because the Covid 19 and social distancing message which retailers and restaurant put in place, many people are more aware of floor graphics. Floor graphics can be used for so much more from promotions and instore sales to directional signs and graphics. Floor graogics are not limited to just indoor environments any more. At Morning Craft, our custom aluminum signs can be placed outdoor and indoors on a rought or smooth surface. Our aluminum signs are weather and abrasion resistant.


7, Try mobile signs

If you create metal business signs for company vehicle – car, truck, van and it is not carrying your brand or company’s message, you are doing yourself a disservice. According to an OAAA reports, the average vehicle driven 15,000 mile per year will pass in front of 9 million other vehicles. And around 30% of survey respondents indicated that an advertising message on a vehicle or outdoor media makes them to visit a store in a week of seeing the advertising message.


8, Try to use texture, coating and finishes

This tip applies to smaller marketing and promotional materials like personalized metal signs, metal name signs and more. You can add a glossy finish to have a gleaming and lustrous look. Or use a matte finish to have a softer aesthetic. At Morning Craft, you can pinpoint specific areas which you want to add the shiny or matte effect. We can integrate certain texture to good effect in a large sign. No matter what size your metal sign is, an eye catching finish or texture enhance its curb appeal.


9, Use unique typeface and reverse your type

You can drive more attentions to your metal signs by changing your type and typefaces. You will benefit from a white or light color type on a dark background. You may want to test this in a sales promotion or a small series of signs. The rule of using typefaces and fonts is that your message must be readable. According to a poll, consumers say several main factors which made a sign hard to read which include: 83% of letters are too small; 48% of letters used a “fancy” font; and 36% of letters were spaced too tightly together.


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