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Choose a Finish for Your Personalized Metal Signs

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When you are going to print photos, you will have a choice to choose finish: glossy or matte. Th is the same for a variety of products which are raging from metal business signs to table tends, hangtag and more. You are able to choose either a glossy or matte finish. The finish you choose is mainly an aesthetic preference. It is true that you can not go wrong with glossy or matte finish. When you make the decision of glossy or matte choice, there are some considerations to keep in mind.  Today, we will talk about those consideration. Hopefully it could help you to determine what finish may work best for your metal signs.



Glossy or Matte Finish?

How to get a piece of paper or other substrate to have a glossy or matte finish in the first place? There are two main ways to achieve a glossy or matte finish.


1, A piece of paper or substrate has the finish “baked in”.

When the paper or substrate has a chemical coating in the manufacturing process, the gloss or matte finish is achieved. The surface finish and smoothness or texture will be affected because the substrate is passed by hard pressure roller. The more and better roller run by, the more glossy it is.


2, A finish is added with a coating post-print.

At Morning Craft, we can add a coasting after the metal signs are printed, especially to add extra gloss. Although there are also matte and semi-gloss coating, it depends on the print offer’s machinery roster.


It doesn’t matter how matte or gloss effect is added. No matter it is up front or on the back end, the results are similar.



When it comes to a glossy finish, you will think bright, reflective and visual pop. Glossy work very well on images especially high contrast images. A glossy finish offers both vivid colors, rich blacks and luxurious feel.


Vivid color

You will need redder reds, bluer blues, greener green and more with a glossy finish. The glossy finish can make all your color to burst from the photo or metal signs.


Richest blacks

A glossy finish will make your black color more impactful. A pure deep black which people will never confuse with a gray color.



As a glossy finish is highly reflective, especially under direct light. The glossy finish does the best in low light setting.


Luxurious and prosperous

A glossy finish looks like something that valuable and expensive. It is something that to be treasured and kept. A glossy finish has a modern feel as well.



When it comes to matte finish, there are two descriptions come to people’s mind: “flat” and “soft”. A matte finish does very well with low contrast or muted images no matter under darks and the lights. When you choose a matte finish, avoid smudges, fingerprints and reflections. Below are the advantages of a matte finish:


Fingerprint avoidance

Matte finish has ability to ward off fingerprint smudges. This is important when it comes to photo print and metal signs creating.


Reflection protection

When displaying under bright light, matte finish is the best choice because a flat finish will not have any reflection. This is not like glossy finish. And even under glass, a matte finish will not have reflections.


Accentuating image details

A matte finish allows the eye to see more detail from an image. It is not so visually challenged by a shiny glossy finish.



If you want people to write something on the printed products with a pen, for example, metal business signs, matte finish is the best choice. Ink smudges easilu on a glossy finish.


Artsy feel

A matte finish maintains an artistic aesthetic on a black and white image. Matte finish works nicely with sepia-tone and historic images.


Semi-gloss, metallic and more

Except for glossy and matte finish, are there more finish choices? The answer is yes.



Semi-gloss is the “in-between” finish. It is not as glossy as glossy. And compared to matte, semi-gloss is glossier. Semi-gloss refers to as luster, satin, pearl. Print providers, photo grouse and paper producers offer half a dozen other names. There is no industry agreement on these terms and no what constitutes “semi-gloss”. All of these terms point to a texture between glossy and matte with the final texture varying by paper/substrate and finish.  



The metallic effect is the result of a metallic layer which is normally a polyester fil like mylar. The metallic layer is placed between the paper or substrate and a glossy coating. The metal signs which have a metallic look and pearl-like appearance really pop. And compared to standard glossy or matte paper, the metallic paper is more durable as the metallic layer. The glossy coating will not deter fingerprints. Metal signs with metallic will display best under good lighting.


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