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How Much Is A Custom Medal?

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If you want to order custom made medals or marathon medals, there is no need to go elsewhere. Morning Craft, is one of the custom medal supplier in China. Our customer service is superior. Our team of craftsmen are able to offer high quality and durable custom medals for any event or occasion. Our medal custom are made by enamel color finishing and can be printed on double sides. We give customers a lot of options when it comes to making custom made medals. Our craftsmen can create custom medals in unique shape which could include relevant details like the year, logo and name of the event.

Contact us today to get started on your medal custom made projects. You can choose from sizes starting at 40mm all the way up to any size you want. We can even make custom medals in size as big as 150mm. We have a wide range of finishes available which include gold antique, gold polished, silver antique, silver polished, bronze antique, bronze polished. We also provide medal ribbons for customers who need wearable custom medals. At Morning Craft, our craftsmen will work with each customers to make sure their specifications are met prior to staring production. The custom medals we made will be treasured form a lifetime. Our craftsmen will help through out each step of the process, contact us to get started.


Custom Medals


How much is a custom medal?

If you want medal custom from our stock catalog featuring a standard base with a custom insert. It will cost somewhere around USD2-4 per unit. Setup cost is around USD50. Production lead time is around one or two weeks. Custom die struck medals will cost somewhere around USD3-7 per unit. They can be full customized. They are perfect for tournaments, provincial and national events. Set up cost is around USD150-300. Production lead time is around two or three weeks. Custom die cast medals cost somewhere about USD5-20 per unit. They are suitable for prestigious national and international. Setup cost for custom die cast medal is around USD200-400. Production lead time is around four or six weeks.


What kinds of custom made medals do we offer?


Custom sport medals

Sport fans want some new way to commemorate their favorite team. A unique custom made medal in any color, gold silver or bronze is a brilliant keepsake although everyone want to win the gold medal. At Morning Craft, our team of craftsmen are able to make custom medals for sport event which include team logo and the information about accomplishment. We can also make double sided medal custom. We make one side to have customers’ brand or logo and the other side have the sport team’s.

Commemorative medals for social clubs

Members in all social clubs want to meet other people who have similar interests. Custom commemorative medals is a great way to indicate membership in club. Club members can easily  wear pin-on medals on their lapel. The wearable solution like engraved cufflinks or a tie clip is also a good choice if medals are not ideal.

Commemorative medals for milestones celebrating

Commemorative medals is a great way for companies and organizations to celebrate their work and success. Making a custom commemorative medals for employees or volunteers is a good way to express appreciation. They are also the wonderful mementos of milestone events and celebration.

Commemorative medals for non-profit events

Non-profit event or fundraiser will use the same promotional product which are so common as to be unremarkable. Custom medals like commemorative medals is an elegant way to express appreciation to major donors at fundraisers.

Custom made medals for employees

There are a lot of promotional products can be used to cherish those valued employees. A custom made medal can honor his or her achievements. At Morning Craft, we are able to make custom made medals with message in a strong and sustainable way.

Custom medals for school competitions

School competitions surrounding everything from academic achievement to spelling bee. A custom medal with a custom printed neck ribbon impact at award ceremonies. They are a great way for proud parents who want to show off their young students’ accomplishments. And the custom medals will likely be place in prominent positions in home for years.


What kinds of ribbon do we offer for custom medals?

At Morning Craft, our craftsmen will complete custom medals with a fully printed ribbon. Our printing options are available in 1-4 color, full color dye sublimation. We have vibrant gradients and photographic printing. We also have tri color woven option. Contact our team at [email protected] today for more information.

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