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What are Custom Acrylic Keychains?

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Cheap custom acrylic keychains are widely used around the world as the acrylic is cost-effective, adaptable. Acrylic can be shaped freely. The production period of cheap custom acrylic keychains is fast. At Morning Craft, we offer many acrylic keychains which could be custom-made.


Custom Acrylic Keychains


What is acrylic?

Acrylic is a chemical material and a kind of plastic. Our cheap custom acrylic keychains are made of acrylic sheets in any size and shape, cut and bonded. The main advantage of acrylic is it can be customized in any style freely. Acrylic is adaptable and exquisite in the production process. Acrylic can be in white, transparent, and can be made into colorful series. At Morning Craft, acrylic is a widely used materials in our custom keychains making. Our cheap custom acrylic keychains which could be used as advertising promotional gift, anime accessories, collections, decoration and more.


What are the advantages of Custom Acrylic Keychains?

Cheap custom acrylic keychains could be customized freely. They are durable, eco-friendly, odorless, colorful, lightweight compared to cheap custom metal keychains. Acrylic is an ideal material option to make keychains as it can be printed with bright colors and cut into any size and shape. If you want to make your cheap custom acrylic keychains, contact us for an inquiry.


Ordinary acrylic VS clear acrylic

Ordinary acrylic

A piece of printed paper is pasted inside the acrylic sheet.

It can be printed with color and the edges of ordinary acrylic is white because of the white paper.

The paper is pasted inside of the acrylic sheet instead of the surface.

The surface of ordinary acrylic is smooth

Ordinary acrylic is inexpensive. Production lead time is fast.


Clear acrylic

The special ink is printed on the transparent PET film by an UV printing process and then pasted on the acrylic sheet.

The edges of clear acrylic are clear or transparent because the edges can not be printed.

The surface of clear acrylic is delicate and smooth.

The color of clear acrylic is high-definition and bright.

The paint on the clear acrylic will not fall off.

Clear acrylic is thick with high brightness.


At Morning Craft, we will many different kinds of cheap custom acrylic keychains, for example, clear acrylic keychains, glitter acrylic keychains, epoxy keychains, rainbow acrylic keychains, colorful acrylic keychains and more. All these acrylic keychains could be custom-made including images, size, color, shape, accessories and package. Our craftsmen will offer high quality and fast delivery.  


Special features of Acrylic Keychains

Epoxy: Epoxy acrylic keychains have strong surface texture and 3D effect. The epoxy protects the keychains surface from abrasion. Epoxy is water resistant. Epoxy acrylic keychains are more expensive than the non-epoxy ones. The thickness of epoxy is normally 0.2mm.


Hot stamping: At Morning Craft, our cheap custom acrylic keychains can be hot stamped with gold or silver which make the keychains pretty and shiny.

Holographic: At Morning Craft, cheap custom acrylic keychains can also be made with holographic film. There are broken glass or star holographic effect available.

Glitter: At Morning Craft, we can make glitter acrylic keychains with single side epoxy.  


Morning Craft is a profession cheap custom acrylic keychains manufacturer. Our acrylic keychain can be customized with personal artworks and patterns. Our team will protect your design copyright and privacy. Welcome to create your customized keychains at Morning Craft. Request a free quote now!

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