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Types of Custom Dog Tag

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Morning Craft, as a leading custom dog tag manufacturer, we are able to create your own custom dog tags. You can add any text or images. All our custom dog tags contain a tag on the front and back. Custom Dog Tags are a great option for personalized gifts. Each our custom dog tag comes in a wide range of color and will be sent with a thirty inches ball chain. Our custom dog tags are durable which will not rust or chip easily. Contact us if you need custom dog tag, custom military dog tag, custom doe ID tag, custom logo dog tag, custom engraving dog tag and more.


Custom Dog Tags


Custom Dog ID Tag

Custom dog ID tags with your contact information on help to keep your dog safe and ensure a swift return if your dog gets lost. At Morning Craft, we create a wide range of custom dog ID tag in fun shapes and sizes. Use your custom dog ID tag and keep your lovely dogs safe! Putting custom dog ID tag for pets which go outside will offer an easy way to people to find you if your pets get lost. Custom dog ID tag with contact information engraved is the low-cost way to tell someone how to reach you. Our custom dog ID tags are waterproof, weather resistant, durable and easy to keep clean. They are an easy way to tell people your pets’ name.


Custom Military Dog Tag

Our custom military dog tags are the classic style dog tags with text stamped into a rolled-edge stainless steel tag. A custom military dog tag is the informal name for the identification tags which were worn by military person. Custom military dog tag is used for the identification of dead and wounded along with offering medical information for treatment like blood type. As a leading custom military dog tag manufacturer, we take tremendous pride in producing custom military dog tag for Military. Custom military dog tags are the sentimental mementos to honor the war service of the veteran in your family for passing down to grandchildren as a family heirloom. At Morning Craft, we are able to assist with customer to make custom military dog tags. And, if customers have the original military dog tags, we can also recreate them directly.  


Custom Engraving Dog Tag

At Morning Craft, we offer premium quality custom engraving dog tags which will last a life time. Our custom engraving dog tags can completely customizable. Custom engraving dog tag start as a blank canvas, customers can put everything they want. We have the laser engraving machine which expands our capabilities for personalizing and branding custom engraving dog tags. Our equipment allows us to mark stainless steel and anodized aluminum with text and images. This flexible equipment allows us to produce custom engraved dog tags in a very short time and in low volume. Before running into mass production, we will offer a preview of the finished custom engraving dog tags or real samples for approval.


Custom Logo Dog Tag

Our custom logo dog tags are not your grandfather’s dog tags. Our custom logo dog tags feature pastel color, full color imprint and traditional debossed imprint. We have light up custom logo dog tags, diamond sudden promotional dog tag and pink ribbon awareness dog tag. All these custom logo dog tag can be customized to add any logo. All of our custom logo dog tags are available with rush service.


Morning Craft high quality dog tags are photorealistic and intended for men, women, kinds and pets. If you need help on your custom dog tag projects, contact us at [email protected] today.

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