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Types Of Custom Coins

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For more than 10 years, Morning Craft has been creating custom coins which include Gold Coins, Silver Coins, Valuable Coins, US Coins, Gainesville Coins, Rare Coins, Challenge Coins and more for customers all around the world. If you want to create your custom coins, contact us today.


Custom Coins


Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are given to confirm membership in organization or group. Size of a challenge coin is small. Organization’s logo or emblem are engraved on the challenge coins. Challenge coins are used to represent membership of organization, community or company. They can also used to recognize a person who completed a special achievement. At Morning Craft, we are able to create unique coins with custom design to a specific organization or group. Our craftsmen are able to make custom challenge coins look like anything. Traditionally, challenge coins are round and they can also be made in other custom shape. Challenge coins are traditionally made of zinc, bronze, brass, silver, solid gold with textured or raised details. Colored enamel can be painted on to the challenge coins. Information added onto the challenge coins include a design which reflect a specific achievement, the year of an organization that was founded, the year of the challenge coins that was presented, the motto of an organization of a group. Challenge coins have no monetary value. They represent unity. They are treasured, kept safe and passed on as heirloom. Contact us if you want to create your custom challenge coin, you can make anything you want on your challenge coins.


Gold Coins

At Morning Craft, we are able to produce gold coins for collectors. Our gold coins are made of precious metal. Our custom gold coins are made in proof and uncirculated finishes, in composition ranging from one- tenth to one ounce and 22 to 24 kart gold. Gold coins is a convenient and cost-effective way to add gold to investment portfolio. Cost for gold coins depends on the market price of the metal.


Silver Coins

At Morning Craft, our silver coins can be made in a wide variety of themes, weights and quantities. Silver coins is a way to diversify your investment portfolio. The price of silver coins is cheaper than gold coins. Silver coins are a great option for people who prefer more metal for their monetary investment. As the silver is low cost, silver coins are easy to be sold or liquidated if needed.


Valuable Coins

Valuable coins are not in circulation, there are many coins still commonly used that are appraised at a much higher amount than their face value. When it comes to valuable coins, there is a wide range of type. Fair market value of each coin depending on how much a coin is bought for at an auction at any given time.


US Coins

US coins strike coins in copper, nickel, silver, gold, platinum and palladium. Popular US coins include gold American eagle, American buffalo, American silver eagle, proof set and commemorative coins.


Rare Coins

There are many different denominations, coin types and dates which qualify as rare coins. There are many different ways to collect rare coins. US rare coins have around 141 years history. US rare coins are some of the most collectible in the world. There’re many US rare coins available for any budget.


Morning Craft provide a wide range of custom coins to customers all around the world. If you want to create your unique custom coins, we are eager to assist. Our team of highly trained sales team will answer any question via +86 134 2023 5742 or email at [email protected].

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